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Change From 200mg a Week

Am interested in how this change is going. I see you were on 200 a week.

Can’t say I feel any different. I have to get labs, need to time it when I’m close to the 60 hours post injection and on a day that I can do it. I’ll probably go back to once weekly in a few more weeks.

Any update @highpull

It’s been almost two months. Still have to say I am not noticing any difference.

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So you are injecting about 140mg a week compared to 200mg and feel about the same?

This is good to know.

Yes, 50mg every 60 hours. I’m most interested in how E2 and CBCs respond. The idea of cutting the dose and increasing frequency was to see of those dropped. I realize, we are all different. With once weekly injections, can’t say I felt better on day two than day six.

OMG on once weekly I felt pretty awesome on Days 1-4, like a lemon and Day 5, and pretty much like shit on Day 6-7. Now and again I would get a week where I’d feel good (or bad) all the way through, but for the most part I hated it.

I had the exact same experience (my first 3 months). Switched to an E3D protocol and never looked back.

My switch to E3.5D has been more of an adventure but the difference is absolutely night and day. I needed to lower my dose substantially when I switched to twice a week but I am apparently very sensitive to T.

Did any of u change your injections from once weekly do to Ed?? Just curious cause I’m thinking of trying the same but not sure if it really helps or not… Any advise is appreciated.

Again, I had the same experience. At 1 week intervals, we kept going higher and higher on the dose. From 100mg all the way up to 160mg and also added in 100 IU/day HCG duing the last 3 days of the weekly injection cycle and I still felt like crap on the last 2 days. I felt like a junkie waiting for my next fix!

Then I switched to a well-known HRT doc and he put me onto an E3D protocol with 180 IH HCG MWF and lowered my dose to 40mg E3D (93mg/week). It was a night and day difference. No highs or lows, just felt ‘normal’ all the time.

The following 2 calculated T-release graphs help to explain why. When reading the graphs, keep in mind that the average adult male produces and releases about 7mg of T per day. These charts show the calculated amount of T being released from the ester per day once a steady state is reached in about 6 weeks. Note with 40mg E3D, the daily release never goes below 7mg of T. However, with 100mg weekly, the calculated release on the last 3 days goes below 7mg, down to 6mg (on the last day of the cycle.).

100 mg T-Cyp Every 1 Week

I tried daily (subcutaneous) for a couple of months and did not feel any difference from my normal protocol which at the time was 40mg E3D. The problem I had with subcutaneous was that I bruise easily with this type of injection, which is the only reason I discontinued.

Isn’t it easier to just do e3.5 days?
So it’s the same 2 days every week.

Btw when you lowered your dose you also changed your hcg protocol. So can’t really say for sure what made you feel better. I do lean towards your thinking that it was lowering the t dose.

Hcg does cause your testicles to make testosterone. So had you just been injecting t you probably would need a little more than 90.

I used to do EOD, and I would always be thinking was it yesterday or the day before. Now I do MWF with about 20% more on Friday. The first couple weeks the EOD is easy, eventually I really could not keep it straight, and I have an engineering degree.

I find E3D easy. I just program my computer calendar to send alerts on injection days. I inject in the mornings when I see the alert and almost never screw up the timing of the injections. It just simply works for me and my lifestyle. Guys just need to figure out what works best for them. But I do believe strongly in breaking up big weekly doses into more frequent injections, no matter the schedule.