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Change BBB?


I've been doing 531 about 19 months with BBB 50% same lift as the main lifts like in 2nd edition. Do I need to change the BBB or can I just keep doing this?
Thanks for the help an I love the book.


If your getting stronger don’t change anything.


Thanks for taking the time.


Do whatever assistance template you want bro. Right now I’m doing FSL where it’s just one set AMRAP. Next cycle I’m either gonna switch to BBB or stick with FSL because I really like it.


[quote]HARA wrote:
If your getting stronger don’t change anything. [/quote]

I’ll say ditto if you’re still getting stronger.

Have you read up on any of the BBB challenges? The 3-month challenge starts with 50% and works up through 70% for the 5x10. Worth a look if you feel like you are stagnating.


What are your goals? Is BBB getting you there? If yes, stick with it. If no, pick another template that will.