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Chandler's Training Log (Newbie)


Hi to all... I have been waiting and waiting to feel worthy enough to post here and continue with my training logs...Some history...I have been living and active lifestyle for many years but just recently (March) started training seriously....

started with a beginner program which included some weights,assitsted chins, abs etc...mostly learning technique with "how to" do the weight lifting exercises...then I did the V-diet which I completed 6-01-09...which truly brought me to a place where I never thought I would be...there I learned about diet and supplements...maintaining these along the way....following that on with WS4SB program which I 'm doing now with complexes on non weightlifting days.

Height 5'1"
Weight 105 lbs.
Age 38
Mother of 3

Current Supplements:
Metabolic Drive Low Carb
Surge Recovery

Current Lifts: All are Raw
Deadlift 175 lbs for a triple. Haven't done a 1RM on my lifts.
Squat 85 lbs for 10 reps.
Rack lockouts (low pins) 125 lbs for a triple.
8 unassisted pullups.

Any input is appreciated. Looking forward to posting more on this forum I have a lot of respect for each of you here.


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Vid #1
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That's a nice deadlift for your bw. Welcome!


Today's workout:

Repetition Lower Body day:
squat 4x10 70,75,80,85lbs
bulgarian split squats 4x10 with the barbell
sumo deadlift 3x8 80,95 and 105lbs.
back extentions 4x12 w/ 15lbs
ab circuit: 3x10 leg raises w/ rotation, russian twists w/ 10lbs and leg raises on stability ball


Chandler, welcome! Your hard work truly shows in your great back, arms and shoulders. Wow.

I will really be looking forward to following your training. That deadlift PR really inspires me.


ty soo much!!!


thanks much!!! i'm hoping i'm in the right place...love your avatar..nice!


day 24 - was on thursday...posting late..
rep upper body

DB press on swiss ball 3x max reps
1X15 w/ 25, 1X17 w/ 25, 1X20 w/ 25

Lat pull downs w/ rear delt flys
3X10 w/ 60 and 3X10 w/ 8lbs

DB shoulder press
4X8 w/ 20 lbs

Shrugs and tricep press
3X10 w/ 40 and 3X10 w/ 30

8 unassisted pullups


day 25 - Max effort lower body

deadlift max 3's
3 w/ 185, 1 w/ 195...failed on rep 2 and 3 with this

3X12 w/ 50

stiff leg deadlift on platform
3X10 w/ 25 db

ab circuit
2X10, and 1X20 russian twist w/ 10 lb plate
3X10 leg raises w/ rotation
3X10 straight leg raises on swiss ball(killer)


Chandler, that is a crazy, big deadlift. Nice job!


So today was off day so complexes it was!!! love them...

reps...6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and then 6 all with the bar, w/o letting go, same grip throughout

Romain Deadlift
front squat
push press
back squat
good mornings

pulled 10 unassisted pull ups today....can't really believe it...january i couldn't hardly hold onto the bar for 20 secs...
well, i work tonight then to the gym in the am after my shift....

ladies have a great night!!


Super job on the pullups! That is a great improvement in a short time.

10 pullups is my long-term goal, and I'm currently up to...2.


thanks sooo much kimba...2 huh? well i know how proud i was of 2 and wanting more when i did them...humbling day today though...bitter sweet i guess... my bench today SUCKS!!!!! but added pullups to my circuit and handled it....yikes...this bench thing has got me...i'll post my routine shortly...keep up the good work...you'll have your ten in no time...


New cycle started today....
week 1
Day 1 - Max effort upper body
bench press - max triples at 75 lbs(SUX SUX SUX!!!)
DB bench press - 2 max reps- 15 w/ 25 and 20 w/ 25
pullups and upright rows 3X8 (redemption) rows i do with the bar
shrugs and skull crushers 4X8 - 3x8 w/40 lbs 1x8 w/45lbs and 3x8 w/35 lbs 1x8 w/ 40lbs

bitter sweet day!!! I haven't really benched for max triples before and I was hoping for sooo much better!!! ughh...each time i did a set(about ten total) i felt like i was in a different spot than before... just can't find the rightr grip area or when the bar was unracked is it better slightly down or slightly up...geezzz..rough....
better days ahead i hope.....i;m open to ideas on how to improve the bench!!!
great night to everyone!