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Chances of Dick Problems with Test Tren NPP?

At these doses
Test 200 mg
Tren Ace 280 mg
NPP 200 mg
(Weekly dosages)

Are any sexual problems likely? Of course everyone is different I realize that — but I’d like input from people who’ve ran similar cycles. From my understanding it’s a misconception to run test high with tren/npp, as the real reason for progest sides is the Tren/NPP hogging the receptors allowing for even more free test which means more aromitization. I have only really read of things like Deca and Tren dick at high doses of them both, and the common denominator very often seems to be high dosages of test. Any input? Thanks!

Nandrolone seems more likely to cause dick issues than tren, but that’s just my observation of the wisdom of crowds. What’s more interesting is why you’d combine the two. Nandrolone is known as an amazing builder and tren is notoriously tough to bulk on. Why combine them? Unless your physique is already pretty incredible you can probably get away with doing a cycle that runs less risk of serious dick issues.

It’s for a bit of a recomp cycle, however the dosages of the two compounds seem pretty reasonable considering a lot of the cycles I’ve seen around the Internet. I have a wild appetite, I could dirty bulk on a blast of T3 and clen

Def more reasonably than the majority. Should be pointed out that messing with Tren is always riskier than most AAS (unless it’s a micro-dose, say 50-100mg… in which case I’m not sure what would happen/how risky it’d be… some men just can’t handle tren at all)

A tren/deca combo increases the chance of adverse neuropsychiatric effects… that’s for certain… ED is largely induced by neurological alterations

I already know I handle test + Tren ace pretty well. With how fast NPP is out of your system I’d assume if there were any major sides they could be resolved in a reasonable time frame after dropping the NPP. Caber on hand just incase too. I think this maybe one of those things that I have to just try and see how I respond, and if shit hits the fan I’ll know not to mess with the two together again

Not true, neurological alterations (at least according to rodent studies and anecdotal reports) manifesting from nandrolone appear to linger long after usage has been stopped. Same ideology pertains to trenbolone

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Thank you for that, didn’t know that. However isnt the theory on here that progesterone mainly causes ED with Nandrolone? Definitely don’t doubt that changes in brain chemistry can cause ED, correct me if I’m wrong though (I very well might be) but isnt that more of a long term use symptom? especially at more extreme body builder doses like running 500 Tren with 600 NPP? Again I might be sounding extremely ignorant but I do believe that’s the info I’ve obtained

No, the theory is DHT/DHN displacement, I don’t agree with this ideology as the amount of deca, or any AAS for that matter to fully displace DHT via AR binding in any peripheral tissue would be exorbitant, not to mention DHT has a higher binding affinity to the AR to begin with.

Nandrolone metabolites have profound neurological effects (dopamine depletion, alterations of receptor density, serotonin depletion/altered expression of. To what extent this occurs is unknown and probably differs from person to person as some feel godly on nandrolone… others feel like absolute shit. Other drugs used to counteract these side effects (whether or not it works is debatable, no science on this but anecdotally it appears somewhat affective). Mast/proviron have very strong (usually positive) effects on neurology, hence why they’re sometimes used to counteract sides.

Should be noted even test increases prolactin (can link data here)… and yes, progesterone itself can induce sides

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Really appreciate the information.

After reading through this thread here: NPP and Deca Dick... the Real Reason

I have decided I won’t be touching NPP. Although I think with these dosages I would be okay, I value my dick too much to mess with this stuff. The linked thread should honestly be pinned bc there are so many misconceptions thrown around in regards to Nandrolone. If I do ever touch it it will probably be at 200 mg, without Tren. Thanks again for all the replies guys.

Check out SHR episode # 2452 :: Can A Nandrolone-Only Protocol Work For Gains & HRT? It was very interesting and one of the thoughts in regards to deca dick was actually due to running a high dose test cycle along with deca. Ie low dose test on deca cycle no deca dick.

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If you know that you can out-eat tren then I say go for it.

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Good call. I ran NPP and test both at 300mg/week if I remember correctly. First 4 weeks were amazing, last 2 were ok, libido started to drop, next 4 weeks I suffered with moodiness, almost depression like days, no libido and struggled with erections. I won’t be doing nandrolones again. If you decide against Tren, Masteron might be worth looking at.

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There’s a shit ton of deca dick threads all having used varying dosages of both test & deca. It’s not as easy as low dose test and you’re fine. Hearing it on the radio doesn’t make it legit. I don’t know what the answer is but I know what it isn’t.


Nandrolones are scary stuff.

I should have inserted it’s an interesting perspective! As in all other opinions and advice since everybody’s different in regards to sides.