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Champion of Champions 2!

Okay so this is the Combat Sports Section…and I cannot believe NO ONE here has talked about the FIGHTS OF THE YEAR!

I have not SEEN any of the fights, but the event was held a few days ago.
Carnage vs. Spong fought! True muay thai fans KNOW that this is a HUGE fight. I do know the result, but anyways I’m going to try to find some links to the fights and put them up.

It was definately an awesome card with all top muay thai guys fighting.
Still confused how no1 posted about this.
Anyways if anyone got some good links put them in, if anyone knows anything bout the fights lets talk about them!

Get some links up man! I’ll check it out

Rasturai…I was looking forward to this event for some time. I have searched up and down for vids and its been a little rough. Apparently,they streamed the event live on gofightlive.tv…but it wasn’t free($15 cost).

I did manage to find Buakaw vs. John Wayne Parr fight:

Part 1:

Part 2:

How about Cedric The Entertainer as ring announcer for the event…lol.

haha yeah, all good though!
I’m desperately trying to find Carnage Vs. Spong.
Seriously I’ve been dreaming about this fight.
All muay thai fans have been drooling for this, it’s HUGE!

Alright this website got who won what in the fights.
Also if you keep scrolling down most of the fights are there, still can’t find carnage vs. spong though…
but it tells you what happened which is BULLSHIT what happened in that fight…and everyone clearly knows who the winner is…I’ll let you guys read/decide.

Anyways it also said on this site that the NEXT contender Asia.
Duane Bang Ludwig is gonna be on the show…which is pretty sweet…kid has come a long long way!

Also coaches for the season will be Ray Sefo and Nathan Corbett (!!!) As you can see I’m a big corbett fan. Pure carnage baby haha

You can find the clips on Youtube which show the incident - not the whole fight, but the KO and immediate drama around the waving off.

Wow…Spong/Corbett…“controversy?”…hardly not. It was clear who won…just an unfortunate misunderstanding…AFTER it was clear who won. Retarded.

Oh,and rasturai…can you post link to that website??

yeah lol I thought I posted it when I wrote that out but I didn’t.
Here’s the link my man.

They have some more vids up if you scroll down now. Wow
VERY CLEAR who had won.
I really like spong but I wanted Carnage to win.
I know back a while I felt that Spong was ducking Carnage…and Spong was talkin smack to Carnage.
SPONG would only fight if it were under his rules, and I’m pretty sure he wanted only to fight in Holland (dont quote me on that one though)
But he wouldnt do elbows, only under his terms would he fight Carnage.

What’s up with Buakaw lately? He just doesn’t seem to have the same intensity and drive that he used to…

Though I would imagine that after having 220 fights and becoming a multi-millionaire it must be pretty hard to stay motivated, especially in a place like Thailand.