Champagne and babes (also re:goldberg and whopper)

Hey guys, I don’t usually buy champagne but I was wondering what is the best tasting stuff out there. A girl is coming over, and while she is sorta ‘a friend’, I need the good stuff.

Also, if Goldberg is still around, did whopper’s advice regarding kissing a [girl] friend, with the excuse that you had one-too-many, work?

Later everyone

Cristal if you’re a balla! lol Also Dom Perignon. If you can’t afford either, then go for Korbel or Perrier Jouet.

Dude i had to do a search to figure out what the hell you were talking about. Actually that girl moved away and we rarely talk. The last time we talked we discussed why we never hooked up. she said that she had feelings for me but didnt want to ruin our friendship. So i dont think the kissing thing would have worked in that case. But my advice is to ask her out before you become friends. Once the friend label is on, its hard to peel off.

What the hell do you want champagne for?? Horrible fizzy crap - but if you want the best buy Krug [although I doubt your budget will allow you to impress her that much]. Instead why don’t you buy a high class, aged Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s rich, full and heavy - can’t beat it. Also, for some reason, good red wine tends to do something to women, several i’ve talked to says it “really” puts them in the mood. I will note tho, that using alcohol to get into someone’s pants is a tad contemptible [altho I’m not suggesting that you are trying this]

it all depends on weither you like dry champagne or not. i - honestly - had a bottle with a price tag of well over $500, and i didn’t like it at all. it was pucker-your-mouth dry. some of the group loved it. i actually prefer the cheaper, sweeter stuff. and if you go cheap you can get a one or two bottles and see which ones you like best. (and if you hate it you won’t feel like you ‘have’ to drink it because you spent half a weeks’ pay on it!)

Makavelli: I’ve never heard of Cristal? It just has a shitload of alcohol or something? (you mentioned it’s for “balla’s” – clarify?)

Iscariot: No, I’m not trying to get into her pants with alcohol, just need to set the atmosphere. I’ll try your suggestion about the cabernet sauvignon. How much is a bottle of Krug?

Goldberg: Yeah i know what you mean about the adhesive on that label, but she recently told me how much I mean to her, etc, so I’ve got to do something because I’ve waited waaaay too long on this one.

Thanks for your thoughts. I’d like to hear more about what wines / bubbly is good.

I say champaign works better than regular wine for getting a girl tipsy. The CO2 make the alcohol get absorbed faster. Plus, many people find the tannins in red wine, especially when aged in oak barrels, cause hangovers. I don’t take well to India pale ale for the same reason. The oak chips they add for genuine flavor give me the worst headaches. As for which champaign, I never could afford anything more than a Korbel. I wistfully look at the prices of $30 and up on the Mouton-Cadet and Dom Perignon and think, someday…When I do get a taste, it probably won’t be anything to write home about, though.

Cristal is just an expensive champagne. The price tag has nothing to do with alcohol content. lol Anyhow, depending on which type you get, it’s around 200-300 dollars per bottle. I said, only if you’re a balla, meaning a person who makes quite a bit of money and can spend money in a nonchalant manner. I also said it because many rappers love this champagne and you’ll often hear them talk about it.

What were some of the cheaper, sweeter champagnes that you liked? The $300 cristal is out of my league. How the hell do you tell if its sweet or dry? They should have a sweet-to-dry meter on the bottle!

What’s your price range anyway? A lot of the top French houses make stuff in CA that you can get for much cheaper than the French stuff – my personal favorite is Roederer Estates, by the maker of Cristal, which runs about $30 (while it’s not Cristal, its very decent stuff for 1/10 the cost).

$40 is probably the most I’d pay this time around. That probably eliminates most of the stuff but maybe that Roederer States stuff would do the trick. Is it a sweet or dry champagne?

U can get cristal 95, the expensive cristal everyone talks about at beverages and more for like 140 bucks. Its only really cool to get if you can tell the difference between fine champagnes or for real special or memorable occasions like an anniversary or the head table at a wedding.

Kanoonga Hills from Australia is really good.
About $22 a bottle. It’s good stuff though!

There’s also Cristal Rose 95 which isn’t at cheap as Cristal 95.

If you’re drinking champagne then you’re going to need some oysters…and if you don’t know what they say about oysters you need to do some homework.

Hmmm. Oysters eh? I was thinking of crab cakes stuffed with a few Tribex capsules. How long after you take Tribex till she feels the increased libido? I forgot the post but I remember somebody asking Bill Roberts what would happen if a girl took Tribex one time only. I forgot what he said.

ok, flame me if you must, but i like ballatore. yes, it’s cheep, but it’s easy to drink and at about $10 a bottle you can drink as much as you want, or dump it if you hate it. as for other brands, when you go to the liquor store, find a clerk and ask. the store i go to is owned by a guy who about 500 and knows everything about every bottle in his store. he told me about every brand they carried and had good advice.