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Chambered Bar Bench

What are the advantages/disadvantages to chambered bar bench press? and would it be a good power movement to replace regular bench for a few weeks?

I think Dave Tate (saying his name quitely in case he’s listening) said in the paper mag a while back that he liked it for either a) using a lot less wieght and getting a better range of motion, or b) using a good amount of wieght and taking the bar about an inch below normal. For power I’d recomend the later, however watch the wieght cause it would be easy to blow a shoulde.

I also remember something about lowering it to the normal position but cause the bar doesnt hit the chest you dont get a reflex off the chest meaning that you have to work harder and it is apparently good for working the the bottom part of bench wich is where most raw lifters will have their sticking point.