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Challenge To The Loons


As one scans over the forum, you can see various loon threads critical of George Bush.

I wanted to challenge some loons directly.

I challenge lixy/pookie/bradley-lumpy-100meters/bota/tme/lifty/"big" boss and inner child (hulk) to post something positive about George Bush.

I'm not talking about the inevitable inane "He did choke on a pretzel" or "He'll be leaving soon." If you type one of those smartass comments, I hope you have an itch in your eye that lasts for 412 days.

I seriously don't think the above mentioned loons are capable of lauding a decision Bush has made.

I'd like to be proven wrong.



Positive and negative are relative in this context. It's not like we have an absolute zero somewhere.

Some people view George Bush as the best president ever because of all the tax-cuts. I'm willing to bet that he is viewed by Halliburton or Blackwater people as some kind of Messiah. He also made all those weapon companies ka-jillions of dollars. In that sense, he sure did positive things. Just depends on your perspective.


In 2004, he allowed federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

That was good.


Bush is a face-saving douchebag ...but he did bring real results to African Aid.

Even though I'm not on that list of "loons", I don't like that fucker(dubya) and managed to find one thing he did right in his clusterfuck of a presidency.



And of course, I know expect you to post a "I have been proven wrong again." message acknowledging the fact. You probably don't have the guts for the "again" at the end, but we'll accept the first 5 words.

That's how your little games go, right?


He almost gets the idea of "tax breaks"...just doesn't understand the other piece of the puzzle involves less spending.

He started out right going after al Qaeda in Afghanistan but, like every ADD infected child, lost interest, got distracted and took a wrong turn.

Really though, he's the worst president in history--EVER.

I cannot think of one thing in which he started out with good intentions that didn't end up a clusterfuck. If he worked for me his ass would have been gone a long time ago.


I beleive he is still spending more money on embryonic stem cell research than any other president.

He just isn't funding any new lines.


Embryonic human stem cells weren't isolated before 1998... not many presidents in that race.


What is your point?


I second that.


The phrasing of your previous post: "...he is still spending more money on embryonic stem cell research than any other president" comes off as idiotic propaganda, since no other president could've spent more than Bush on that research, as it didn't exist before 1998.

Basically, we can see that you're just repeating a soundbite you picked up somewhere that sounded good for Bush without bothering to get any information about the subject itself. Don't feel bad though, that counts as "thinking" for a rather large majority of Americans.


LMFAO! That's good stuff ...I'm liking this f'n person. No offense Zap, but that was a quite spot-on.

Homework is a bitch!



Actually I have never heard that soundbite before. It is a point that is never made. Bush outspent Clinton on this research. Every year. Bush continues to spend on it and people continue to believe he has actually banned stem cell research.

The fact that the vast majority of Canadians (and everyone else around the world) reflects pretty poorly on them.

Sometimes I feel like I am the only one that will actually discuss the issue factually.


Should he fight them in Iraq?


Yeah, pookie is pretty fun even when he is wrong.


No. Al Qaeda in Iraq is inconsequential. There are about a handful that the Iraqis could take care of on their own--as they should be doing anyway.

Al Qaeda in Iraq is not the same organization as the group we originally went after in Afghanistan. Frankly I could care less about hunting down terrorists from a military standpoint but as long as we are pointing out what Bush did right--that really was the only thing that he has done in his foreign policy that isn't completely illegal.


How could Clinton fund that research? Between the time hESC were discovered; the bureaucratic process of examining the ethics of that research; drafting new policies, etc. he wasn't in office anymore.

Bush's first hESC announcment in 2001 was largely the implementation of policies that were started under Clinton.

But I guess Clinton only gets credit for 9/11, nothing else.

It's better for him and his party if "the base" thinks so. Don't confuse them with science...


  • The missing words are "still respect Americans, for the most part."

Those are called delusions of adequacy. Lie down, they'll pass.


who is JeffR? Anyways,didn't realize I was such a "Bush-hater"...no pun intended. Anways,it depends on prespective,but:

We actually have a Department of Homeland Security,

Iraq aside,we actually are fighting the "War On Terror." The intentions in some areas are good at least,the process...thats another subject,

Tax cuts...but the effects are debatable,

Uhhmmm...uhhmmm...having a hard time now....which is a bad sign in itself...hmmm

Ohh...wait,here is one more:

Regardless of perspective,Bush and his "crew" has made U.S. citizens wake there ass up and start giving a damn about there country. Thats the best thing he's done for us.

I hope


Repeat after me: Bush's invasion is behind Al-Qaeda fostering in Iraq.


Nice post.