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Challenge: Race to 1001 Body Weight Chins


Was screwing around this morning making breakfast and the like and did a quick 50 chins and I thought to myself: it would be neat to do 1000 of these in a week. Anyone else wanna join in for fun? I'm hoping to hit the 1k mark 1 week from today but I'm guessing the cumulative fatigue might take its toll making the requisite 143 chins a day a little hard after a few days so it may be slightly longer than 7 days. Notes: I weigh in at 185 lbs and I'm boycotting my school gym because they want me to pay $65/month over the summer and they don't give me a choice about paying during the school year so my only other exercise will come in the form of full court basketball ~2 hours 3x and hill sprints whenever I feel not lazy.


I'd be down for that at any other time of year, but I just started a hypertrophy cycle. I think that might interfere. What do you think? Check out the records though:


If your looking for conditioning to do outside of the gym, get a stripped semi-truck tire from your local tire store and a sludge hammer. Can't beat a good tire-flipping, hammer-striking interval session!


well if you're looking for lat specification I think this would be quite beneficial but otherwise it'd probably throw off whatever else you're doing. Looking at those records makes me feel like quite a pansy: I'm looking to do 1000 in a week, there's a guy that did three and a half thousand in about eight hours haha. That girl that holds the short time records is an absolute badass.


Those records are amazing. Almost unbelievable. Really, that's a very impressive goal you are shooting for. I just had surgery recently, but after a few more weeks of rehab, I'll try to do 1000 in a week.


Got my 143 for yesterday, a bit stiff and sore today but my first 40 are down already :).


a great way to get injured!!!


I'm sure there is some component of injury factor but I think that if I'm smart and ease back if I feel things tweaking I should be fine. at 316 :slight_smile:


You have a fundamental problem performing that many chins each day. While your muscles may recover (probably not), your tendons will most assuredly not. Sometimes a tendon will be kind and let you know that it's not agreeing with your program with a slight warning. Other times, it's not so kind and you can easily find yourself unable to do anything even remotely related to training for months.

What's the real goal with this program of yours?


just like the idiots on streoids. benching 225. then they take the drugs and the bench goes up to 275. BUT
its such a shock to the tendons, missing them getting use to 235 245 255 265 etc, they blow at 275 and you're out injured a few months.. plus drugs are for cheaters....


I understand the concern with overuse injury but while the volume may seem high compared to the average program I found that it is quite pathetic when compared to the volume that the people in that link were doing. There's no real goal other than can I do it. at 429 and I feel better than I did yesterday :).


Hey, if there's no goal other than just doing it, and you don't care if you get injured (I didn't care as much either many years ago), do it.

Just keep in mind that there are strength and fitness goals and then there just things you want to do goals. Like jumping out of an airplane, seeing how many hot dogs you can eat etc. Your desire to over do the Chin-ups goes into this group. But, it might be fun until something snaps, so what the heck?


I love doing things for the heck of it, its the reason why I've beer bonged a bottle of wine :slight_smile: 572, today was a little more rough than yesterday was though.


how are you doing these?
do you do a set every hour? how many reps in your sets? maybe 50 at a time 3 time a day?
what kind of reps and sets you doing? lets hear a typical day. thanks


I'm following a super scientific approach: pretty much whenever I walk by my bar on the porch I do a set of 10. So I end up doing the first 60 or so while eating breakfast and watching house etc (I'm a med student on summer break with a flexible research job) then I do another 40 or so when I come home from work and I finish it off after I get back from whatever evening activity I have planned.

Unfortunately last night's evening activity went late so I've gotta make up 33 chins today to get back on track. Only at 682 right now.


What's next mog16? What about training for a one arm chin?


hrm, a 1 arm chin would be awesome but it would take a lot of work. My brother has been bragging about being able to do em with either arm (jerk) but I dunno, I think I'm quite a way off from that. I was thinking for my next challenge something like this: 500 pull ups (instead of the supinated chins I've done) 500 push-ups, and 50 hill sprints up the hill in front of my place. I screwed up my elbow dunking last week so I might have to wait a few more days though.


This is why I only walk every other day. Every other day I use my wheelchair to rest my tendons in my legs. I would advice everyone to do the same thing.