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Challenge For Chad Waterbury


I am training on a four-day split where I train quads and shoulders together. My max squat is 550lbs. and my max military press is 230lbs. I only have 30-45 minutes to train each day excluding warmups. I need an effective plan for those two bodyparts. Your help is always appreciated.

Are you sure you need help? Seems like your numbers speak for themselves. Holy military press! I just thought I would comment. Excellent man.

I agree with BradS. 230 on military press! That’s very impressive!


My Lift Fast, Get Big program is your best bet. Follow all three different methods to the letter and you’ll greatly increase your squat and military press.

pssh 230 isn’t much for a military press… thats light weight


-Ronnie Coleman

(jk, awesome lifts man)


Your program is a full-body workout. I am on a 4-day split. Is there something you can recommend specifically for quads and shoulders.


Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear. What I meant for you to do is follow my Lift Fast, Get Big methods for your quad and shoulder exercises on your current split. For instance, you can use all three methods for the following exercises (or any you prefer):

Box Squats (all heights)
Full Back Squats
Front Squats
Hack Squats
Split Squats

DB and BB Military Presses with all hand positions (semi-supinated, pronated, etc). The options are endless.

Interesting that our DL weights are close but my Milt. Press is so much higher…I think I’m just naturally stronger in the upper body.

Hey guys

I know this is unrelated, but since we’ve got Chad’s attention, I just wanted to say how lucky we are to have such trainers responding to our own personal questions, even though we don’t pay them anything.

They train the very top and their advice is simply the best, and yet they still take time to address our concerns.

That being said, a massive thank you to you Chad, Christian, Chris, Cy, Dr JB, Dr Lowery, TC, Tim Patterson and anyone else I missed out.

You guys are the best.