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Hi guys, I love the forum. It's given me a lot to think about.

I Initially came here to view people's experiences with recreational gear cycles, but have found myself hooked on the TRT section : )

My knowledge on hormones is extremely limited, but I hope to learn from others while improving my health. I'd be extremely grateful for that.

To be completely candid, I've 'done gear' in the past, starting at 18 years of age, and stopping at 25. Higher doses were 700mg with some orals, with good breaks in between. There was also an 18 month cruise of 400mg Enanthate. No PCT.

I've copy/pasted the requested info from the stickies with relevant info below:

-age: 39
-height: 6'3"
-waist: 34inch
-weight: 205lbs
-describe body and facial hair: Moderate in all areas. No change for years. MPB.
-describe where you carry fat and how changed: Love handles and lower abdominal. Definite lower tendency for love handles recently.
-health conditions, symptoms: Shortness of breath (ex smoker)
-Rx and OTC drugs: No RX or other drugs. I do drink spirits heavily a couple of times each week.
-lab results with ranges: See below
-describe diet: Think keto with 50 grams carbs from vegetables, 2000cal
-describe training: weights and cardio 3 times per week
-testes ache, ever, with a fever? : testes constant ache. No fever.
-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed: Went from zero pre treatment to incredible for two weeks then back to zero. Sex drive in general is still good though.

I've requested occasional blood work for low T over the last 12 years and have consistently shown to be borderline low. GP wouldn't prescribe anything.

I recently had thyroid labs done, but unfortunately don't have them. T3 and T4 were both healthy - which surprised me, as I had lost 100lbs during the previous 12 months after being obese for a few years.

OK, so a couple of months ago I visit an anti aging clinic and have labs done (I'll get a copy of those labs and post them at some stage).

They prescribe me test E at 200mg IM per week. Foolishly, I experiment and try taking twice that via IM injection 'just to see how good the stuff is'. Four days later I wake in the middle of the night with a raging erection. Sex life was ridiculous for two weeks, unlike anything I've ever experienced. I can't stress this enough.

With faith that the product works, and a little reading here I switch to taking 60mg EOD via SUB Q.

I felt OK for a couple of weeks then started to feel like crap. I now know what brain fog is.

I went to the GP to request bloods and ended up with this:

(Please know I asked the doctor several times for free T etc. He insisted it will be in the panel. It wasn't).

Oestriadol: <70 pmol/L (<146)
Follitropin: 2.2 IU/L (1.4-18)
Lutropin: 1.3 IU/L (1.5-9.3)
Prolactin: 80 mIU/L (45-375)
Testosterone (Immulite): 4.5 nmol/L (8.0-26.0)
DHEAS: 7.5 (2.2-15.2)

Can anyone offer any ideas as to what might be happening?

There's been a constant ache in the testes since I began two months ago, with fluctuations in size since then.

Is it possible these symptoms could be in line with a product that's severely under dosed?

Sorry in advance if I missed anything. Thanks!


Almost looks like those are someone else’s lab results.

Make sure that you are steady on that protocol then get doc to repeat the labs.
TT and E2 are low
LH/FSH are low, but should be zero on TRT

Are you injecting T ethanate from the street or the pharmacy?

Check body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky.
Do you use iodized salt?
Where are you?

There are a few guys here who are hyper-metabolizers of T who need 300mg per week just to get off of the ground. There are no known reasons for this.

TRT can take LH very low and your testes ache because of that. hCG injections will fix that, see the advice for new guys sticky. If not available tjhere, you can use low dose Nolvadex. Please avoid clomid.