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The last two weeks I've noticed my grip really starting to fail me on deadlifts and occasionally bentover rows. It used to be a real liability, but Captains of Crush grippers and weighted pullups made a difference. Now as my deadlift improves I'm noticing grip again becoming a weakness. So should I start using chalk? I never have before, aside from a couple of times just screwing around with it on rare occasions when some would be lying around the weightroom in college. My gym is fine with it, and I can buy some from Ironmind no problem. My only question is, and this my sound stupid, but does using chalk mean your grip is getting less work? I know it gets rid of sweat, helps you hang onto the bar, increases the weight you can use, but does that mean it's also letting my forearms work less?


Well... although it may mean that relatively speaking, (because you may have to grip "harder" to overcome the "slipperyness" of the sweat to avoid dropping it). But this is just wasted effort - as you rightly point out chalk can help to increase your lifts. Surely using your grip to hold onto bigger weights is a better use of grip strength than to hold onto a slippery bar at a lighter weight!!?? :slightly_smiling:


Buy it from EliteFTS.


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you sound like your considering breast augmentation.

it's just frickn chalk bro


Spriggs is right, the weight makes up for the slip. You're also doing deadlifts, not specialty grip work. If you want to hold on to slippery things, do it after the deads and rows.



Yeah, that's kinda what I figured, thanks.


Sports Authority has it for cheap. I think chalk makes a huge difference. It's still your grip, it's not like you're using straps.


Two pieces of advice.
1. Don't pay more than $2 for a block.
2. Don't put it in a tupperware container in your bag. Put it in a baggie in a tupperware container. I have chalk over everything because the container broke.


It's gonna sound funny, but I have found that chalk performs differently for me depending on where it was manufactured. The 'cheap' stuff from Taiwan(no insult intended)does not hold as well as the more expensive stuff manufactured in Italy for me. The chalk from Taiwan seems more 'slippery', while the Italian chalk seems to hold like glue. Anyone else have this experience? HAPPY HOLIDAYS


Good advice, the EXACT same thing has happened to me.


Just when I thought I was getting hardcore. I guess knowing where your chalk comes from is a product of buying it yourself? At least I hope so, LOL.


I chalk my upper back when benching too!When you arch and squeeze your glutes and legs, you slide back on the bench.I also chalk my upper back when I squat,it helps to keep the bar from slipping.I agree that if it helps you hold on to heavier weight that means strenght and size gains.TRAIN HARD Jimmy T


Thanks for that, will do. Just bought some from Ironmind, wasn't too expensive.