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where do you buy chalk?


Many lifting stores carry it.

My personal preference however is to head out to a store that carries climbing equipment and buy a chalk bag. It's the same type of chalk and it's much less mess, although a little harder to draw on your back for squatting.



You can buy it on the web, but I find it more expensive.

I have purchased chalk at a local gymnastic school and an "outdoor" sports store. The gymnastic store is a little cheaper and will gladly place a large order if need be.


Climbing shops


Check elitefts.com.


at a pre-school,
or maybe just your local supplement sore, or where ever you would by a weight belt.


Eastern Mountain Sports.


thanks guys, never realised how big of a difference it makes until i tried putting some on before doing shrugs and it made me able to hang onto another 70lbs.