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Chalk: Sock Or Not


I need to buy some chalk, but the only kind I can find is powdered chalk. Is there any problem with this type? I know rock climbers fill balls with this stuff and it comes out cleanly. Would an old sock work?

If not I could just buy it in block form online, but I'd rather not if I could avoid it.



Honestly man... just buy a box of blocked chalk and keep it in a bag. Unless you are actually rock climbing or whatever just keep it in a ziplock. You can buy it from houseofpain.com, elitefts.com, um... and a hell of a bunch more other places.


If you want, You can use a sock, but I could never get a good coating that way. I now use my snowboard googles sleeve thing, works great, just get a lil chalk out, rub it on my hands.

Check out some baseball shops, gymnastic, or you can buy online. BB.com has great deals(cheap shipping :-p) 1 lb of chalk for $10 if i remember correctly.


the best way ive found buy blocks and put a few in a big protein container you can stick one hand in at a time and chalk up and no mess. I use a 5lb Grow! container



That's a great idea - thanks!

To the OP,
Go with regular block chalk.


EXACTLY what I do, odd.

You should be able to easily find blocks of chalk at sporting stores locally, I buy mine at play it again sports.


I just checked the play it again sports, and they don't sell any.

I'm just going to buy the loose chalk and see how that works. If I don't like it, I'll buy some online.

thank you everyone


Put the loose chalk in a small container (the old Surge containers work great) and when you want to chalk up, reach in and grab a handful, then let go.

It works just as well as a block.


I have two words for you...chalk balls




Go find a pool hall run by cute girls with big tits.

Smile and flirt with the girls as you drink and play.

Ask the hottest barmaid where they buy their chalk blocks. In town? or On-line? Use this to start an actual conversation about something other than pool, beer, or her big tits.

If she likes you then she'll offer to get you a block of chalk out of the store room.

At least that's what works for me.


NO!!! sure get the women there but NOT the chalk wrong shit. Pool chalk is different like baby powder meant to make shit slick where as the chalk you want aids grip doesnt make it worse



Anyone use liquid chalk?


I saw the liquid stuff at sports auttority but it was a little more $$$ and I haven't heard anything great about it...blocks are $1.99 a piece there, so I just got regular chalk instead


Not to burst your bubble or anything but chalk ain't chalk. Whether you buy it for billiards, weightlifting, rock climbing or gymnastics its pretty much all Magnesium Carbonate. And it all works the same way. Its a drying agent.

Now I wouldn't advise using sidewalk/blackboard chalk since its pretty much nothing but gypsum. And chalk used for marking football, soccer, baseball, etc... well that could be anything, titanium dioxide maybe.


Not all "chalk" that you mentioned is the same - anything w. rosin is going to make your hands stick more. Maybe that's what you want if you are loading stones, but it's definately not what you want if you are doing a high-rep set of kettlebell snatches.

I know this from experience, so if you have the option, IMHO, get basic-plain-old blocks of magnesium carbonate for most things.


I tried it and would not recommend it. I felt like it actually made my hands more slick. There's no substitute for the real thing, so don't waste your money.


Good point. Didn't think about things like added rosins. I've been using a block from the pool hall for about the last 3 months. It looks and feels just like my chalk I bought for rock climbing and like the brick I bought from Academy. Just smack it with a hammer and it makes nice usable chunks. Plus,I got the added bonus of downing a few beers while ogling a beautiful rack.


If you can, get hold of some grippy chalk - proper gymnast stuff but excellent and lasts a long time. I can testify this stuff is great!. Good alternatives include Ivank chalk - although most chalk made in china is poor in comparison.
Pool chalk is not good.

Talc is not good unless your putting it on your thighs for a deadlift.

Get the proper stuff.


I'll never forget the day I saw a guy putting talc on his hands cos he saw us putting powder (chalk) on our hands and legs (talc) while we were deadlifting.

I have no idea how he held onto the lift.

I've used both liquid and real chalk. Real chalks obviously better, but the liquid chalk they sell on liftinglarge.com is passable.


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