Chalk Sock Ball by Crown Sporting Goods

Chalk Sock Ball

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This is a small permeable sack filled with lifting chalk. Just squeeze it a few times and you’ll get the perfect amount of magic strength dust onto your sweaty palms. No waste, no mess, no crop-dusting everything (and everyone) around you. To be extra nice to your chalk-denying gym, keep the sock in a plastic baggie.

The commercial gym I attend frowns on using chalk. I use chalk anyway. (Cue “Breakin’ the Law” by Judas Priest.) I’m not a jerk about it though. I totally understand why they wouldn’t want a fine cloud of magnesium carbonate wafting through the air and dusting up all the surrounding equipment. What I do is sneak in a chalk sock.

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This is what I used when I went to a gym in which chalk wasn’t allowed. I had it already from rock climbing. They work pretty well.

Now I just go around the powerlifting gym looking like Pacino from Scarface.


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We have them now because the nobody at my gym could manage to use the chalk without the floor looking like a powdered donut convention. Sadly, I prefer the straight up chalk to the sock.

I love a chalk sock!

Not sure sure about that part, though:

To be fair, I’m not so sure about this part either:

Maybe that’s the problem?

It’s a great product, in any case—I highly recommend it.

as already stated above, i had one in a chalk bag from my rock climbing days. the nice thing about having the ball in a bag is it has a drawstring and keeps the chalk contained and you don’t make a mess. I worked out in a commercial gym that didn’t have chalk but no one complained about my chalk bag since i didn’t leave chalk all over the place. you can get a good quality bag for $15-$20. Just get one with a fleece lining. the fleece keeps the chalk from clouding. This one is a good option


I have one. I like it, but also have blocks.

What I do is keep the sock in a large ziplock bag, then squeeze the sock while my hand is inside the baggie, kinda like the climbing bag idea. Now, of course, if you toss the sock onto a platform it’s still going to poof everywhere.

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I used to lift at a commercial gym years ago and did something similar. I cut a Tshirt into a square, loosely stitched it into a 4x4inch "pillow and filled it with chalk. Kept it in a Ziploc in my gymbag too.

Don’t miss that stuff. Lifting at home for the past 8 years or so.

Current chalk “bowl.”

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My gym only allows liquid chalk now.

Every used it? If so, do you like it?

A chalk sock . Well a chalk ball but yes it’s a lot tidier than a chalk block. You only get fine bits of chalk over stuff unless you drop it or knock it hard.
Re liquid chalk. The one I got sticks to my clothes a bit and is difficult to get off the hands. It was a larger pack though. Cheap. I would invest in chalk that washes off better next time, even if it is sold at a premium.

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