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Chalk and 24 Hour Fitness, Your Experience?


I've been going to a 24 Hour Fitness near my house for about 10 years. I've been using chalk for about 4 years. I dont make a mess. I use it for griping the bar and will do push ups. Yeah it leaves a very little white spot but nothing water and a rag takes up.

There a new employee who bothers the hell out of me running around and always putting plates away during the 4pm rush. He said something to me months ago that chalk wasnt allowed. I just smiled and said ok. I was going overheard presses with the bar and not only did he walk in front of me as I was pressing up, he waited and said chalk wasnt allowed.

I'm kinda pissed really because its just chalk. I dont think he can tell me that or maybe I just dont like the way he went about it. I guess I'll start keeping a towel wet and wipe up any mess I may leave.


If it is a rule then he can definitely tell you that you aren't allowed to use chalk... Even if it was allowed, don't leave chalk on the bar or floor, that's rude.


No rule because I've been using it for years there. Just a new worker forgetting its a gym and not a library.

You're right though, I'll make sure I dont leave it on the floor when I do push ups.


100th post! As long as you keep the space clean, no one can complain.


Man I must really be lucky to go to a gym where employees neverrrrrrrrr, bother the patrons...


My gym has a chalk bowl which they regularly stock up with chalk balls.


Keep the chalk bag in your gym bag. No one will bitch about what they can't see.

If he finds out, claim that it's dandruff, flour or cocaine. I bet there's no rule against flour.


Is there actually a rule against it, or is this employee very confused?

If there is not actually a rule against it, then keep using it and keep cleaning up after yourself.

If there is a rule against it, use what MODOK suggested, or EliteFTS' liquid chalk.

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I believe the owners of the gym don't really mind it. But alot of them have had bad experiences with people who use it, so they restrict it. The gym where I go to (Anytime Fitness) doesn't allow chalk, which is understandable judging by the number of pansies who probably complained about how the barbell looks "dirty" after "that fat, ugly weightlifter" chalked it up and grunted his ass off the entire time.


Yeah go grab some liquid chalk at a Popeyes or go to a new gym.


What surprised me most is that you're gym actually has someone putting plates away.


Liquid chalk is good, doesn't make any mess. You also tell them it's not chalk, it's glue!


As long as you're not a dick the 24 hour fitness I went to for about 5 years was really cool. Since this employee is being an asshole about it go to the manager and explain the situation. Tell the manager that it's a safety hazard for you to not use chalk because your hands get sweaty since you do something useful in there and the bars have shitty knurling.

After new years some old fat bitch complained about how I was "dropping" weights and the manager told her that I was just strong and you can't expect someone to gently set down heavy deadlifts. The manager always had my back about issues like chalk because I always cleaned up, I wipe down equipment, offered a spot to other members, gave advice, told some of the assholes to quit fucking off and being disrespectful, cleaned up other people's weights, etc.

When you help the gym out more than the employees the manager is going to be pretty damn lenient about stupid rules, especially when you talk to him about it.


I've worked at two gyms, both didn't allow chalk. It does make a fucking mess and there are a lot of people who would not clean up after themselves if it was allowed so I can understand the rule.
In both places I knew a few guys that used chalk and my advice was just to keep it out of sight and clean up, they never had any problems.


I currently lift at a 24 hour fitness. I scoured the gym for the rules and could not find any weight room rules specifically saying on chalk. I have my chalk in a tupperware container and I just sit the container on top of a towel when I chalk my hands over it. I just keep it in my gym bag otherwise. When I'm done I wipe up the area if I got any on the floor and I will wipe down the bar.

As long as youre clean and respectful about it I really dont see why there should be a problem.





This has been my experience at the 24 HF that I train at. I'm a regular, clean up after myself, and make sure I'm nice to the staff and I never get hassled. Heck, I even film my sets with no problems from anyone. I also buy the odd supplement from them just to stay on their good side and it seems to be working out well for me.