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Chakarov 1993 Olympic Training Video



this is freaky strong and powerful



heres more


Absolutely incredible.


Check out Chakarov's No,No,No Squats!
No wraps, no belt, no spotters. Totally inspirational stuff there. I tripped out on Randy Strossen's commentary at the end: "...this is just a moderate workout". 'Moderate'??!! I hope to one day be so moderate.


Antonio Krastev told me Chakarov's best lifts in training were a 202.5kg snatch, 240kg C&J, and a 350kg squat at a bodyweight of 92kgs.


Feck thiese vids get around!!!!

I was the one who originally edited and mpeg'ed them off the Ironmind tapes, for a bunch of people just for inspiration etc

I did not expect them to be spread around like these a couple of years later...

Oh well


Are there any others floating around? These are awesome. I'm utterly mesmerised watching these things. It's easier to disassociate with these things when they're in competition, but just seeing these workouts blows my mind.


This one has been floating around too:


These vids certainly get passed around, but at least it gets OL more exposure.

I agree that if you don't OL, watching an OL contest can be dismissed and forgotten, but watching them in training really sticks in your memory.


Was that a typical good morning? I dont know that much about O lifting , however I ve never seen it done like that.
Id agree , that to see a training tape is much different than an O lifting comp.
I cant beleive how samll those guys look.
Superscience and Coolcol J , God Bless the both of u!
I pray u post more


As "CoolColJ" mentioned, these are clips from Ironmind. They call 'em something like 'the training hall tapes' and there are a bunch. Studying them is a great tool if you're into O-lifting or they're just cool to watch a fellow human throw around that much weight.


I'm so weak


That was tremendous! They are great athletes no damn doubt.I have never seen the good morning performed that way. I saw pics of the Soviets in times past with good morning's that were strict as hell and took super hamsting strength and flexbility.
Brandon Green



heres is hosseins world record.


I love Louie simmons and i'm sorry if this sounds disrespectful (Jackass if you read this, don't kill me) but in one of his articles Louie states Olympic lifters can't squat with the sunday paper compared to Powerlifters. This video makes that statement seem pretty silly doesn't it?


i really need to find an o-lifting gym.


check out this pic of Idalberto Aranda, a 77kg lifter squatting 290kg for a double.


Btw, that is with no squat suit, no belt, or spotters.


It's also less than 12 hours after taking gold at the World Championships and attempting a world record clean and jerk, which I believe he cleaned but failed to jerk.

As regards the Louie Simmon comment, if he made that comment it was in regards to US lifters and not the foreign powerhouses.

Rezazadeh supposedly works up to a 400 kilo single every day in training also.
And Tarenenko, claimed to squat 380 for a double or triple, each rep with a 2 or 3 second pause on an almost daily basis I believe.



heres rezazadeh front squatting 280kg for a double easy.


Good Luck Xen. That is really the whole problem with OL. I've done my share in the past and its damn near impossable to find a place to do them in. From my experience it is very hard to do the Olympic lifts if you can't drop the weight at the top. For 2 reasons:

  1. Catching the weight back down as you get to your heavier weights wastes energy and is dangerous.

2.In order to go for a record you have to not fear missing, which is hard if you can't just let the bar drop to the floor.

Even the most hardcore BB and PL gyms across N.America don't have platforms for OL. It is a shame. I love BB, PL and OL equally. I just wish all the gyms were set up for all 3 sports.