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Chainsaw on a rope


It's a great way to trim the hedges and scare the shit out of your neighbors.


This seems a bit more effective.


How to be a badass while mowing the lawn.


I bet his wallet has "Bad Mother Fucker" emblazoned in it


That guy is awesome


Yeah but he really should think about doing a cutting cycle


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When the zombie apocalypse goes down I want this guy around.



All I can think of is Jeremy Clarkson screaming "WELL DONE FAT MAN IN KENTUCKY!"




All badass- think the united kingdom is missing out on this sort of person severely


You're all welcome. I'm surprised this guy doesn't have an account of his own on tmuscle and a training log :slight_smile:





The world needs more people like him.


Hey DJ,you watching this?? While your hiring people to cut your lawn,this guy is haivng the time of his life,lol. Thanks O! I hope he patents that Lawnmower/Motorcycle,looks fun as hell.


This guys rules


Yes, this guy rules.
And owns bling-bling. Some 70 lbs of it.


I knew you guys would love him. I'd definitely buy that lawn chopper.