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Chains workout

Okay… I am about to get my chains for the bench press… but I have no idea of what I need to do for a workout out… could anyone post a workout for me to do with the chains? THANKS!

Do you do westside barbell style workouts? If so there are hordes of articles on the subject which provide much more detail than post people could go into on this message board. Check out Dave Tate’s Elite Fitness website and his Accomodating resistence article in the T-mag archives.

If you don't do WSB training I would just say get creative, you could use them for a lot more than just the bench press, like curls, tri extensions, squats, etc. However, I would start off easy and only use them for compound movements in the beginning of the workout. As for how much weight to use, figure out how much weight will be at your weakest point and use that to base your weight. For example, if you bench 200 normally, I would have a little less than 200lbs at the bottom. This will provide an overload at the top, which is your strongest point.

It should be mentioned, though, that I have never used chains and I may not have given you any info that wasn't blatently obvious :)