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Chains or Bands on Warm-up Sets


Christian I saw one of your posts on using fat grips on all warm up sets on big lifts I tried this
the other day on 400lbs 182kg deadlifts for reps and it felt ridiculously light and the same for the military press as well anyway fat grips on warm up sets is a staple for me from now on thanks for that idea also your idea got me thinking do you think chains or bands on warm up sets on big lifts could create a physiological Phenomenon like fat grips thanks.


I used that approach with bands on squats and it worked well. Didn't get the same benefit from chains.


You don't use the fat grips once you get to your worksets?


I do my own type of program that revolves around the squat/deadlift/military press/bench/ 3 sets 6-10 reps/ with a standard 45 pound barbell I do cycles of fat bar training with a elgordo 3 inch fat bar on the military/bench press and use the fat grips on deadlifts because the elgordo is to fat for pulling its very good for pressing and curling if you have big hands like myself I hope this answers your question.


It has been said that using the fat grips to ramp to heaviest weight and then taking them off makes the bar feel like a toy in your hands; psychological benefit.