Chains for Training

I am thinking of purchasing some chains for training. To help in my explosive strength, as well as to just do something different. What sort of weight should I get? And what length? Have tried a few hardware stores, but they only got ones that are too thin, or the thick ones are not long enough. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

The standard for powerlifting is 5-foot-long 5/8 or 6/8 chain. they weigh about 20 pounds each for the 5/8 and 30 for the larger ones. Difficult to find those sizes at your average hardware shop. if you live on a coast, check marine/boat stores or you can try rigging supply businesses. Otherwise you can order them online. the alternative is to just buy a ton of the smaller 3/8 chain from the hardware store to get the same desired weight

hardware stores around here also didn’t carry very thick ones. What i did was buy a big caribiner and have a bunch of 3/8 in cut in small sizes and attached to the carabiner. so my 60 lbs of chain is actually a cluster of i think 7 chains.

Most hardware stores will only carry up to 3/8, look for a farm supply or industrial supply store in your area, they should carry 5/8 and above.

I got my chains at an anchor supply place. Two 5’ lengths of 5/8 for $33.

No 5/8’s where I live so I bought tons of 3/8’s. With enough creative thinking you can make 3/8’s work well.

F***N doit band and chains are it the end all be all next to intensity! do some reseach and im sure youll find all the top powerlifters usin them and ive even seen many body builders usin them!
good luck

Me and my girlfriend use chains, but not for lifting, haha.