chains/bands for other exercises

anyone here used chains/bands for other exercises where the strength curved is reversed??

ie leverage gets worse as the movemnet progresses…

im thinking things like rowing variations etc.

usually the final stages are where you are weakest but with the chains/bands would it overload too much???

anyone see any benefit here?

no :slight_smile:

I train supported rows with a doubled purple and also loop a purple over the pins in a power rack and put it over my chest for resistance in fat man pullups.

The reason I do this is to simulate what happens in a bench shirt. You encounter the greatest amount of resistance closest to the chest. I think if you are smart about it, it can help teach you to stay tight and tucked with your chest up.

As with anything, I cycle this with straight weight.

I’ve used them on the seated row while doing isometrics

You can add bands to just about anything they will fit around. Then make up some of your own. There are too many to list. That was a good idea about the fatman pull ups apw. I had not thought about that one yet. Good luck

I don’t see the point, it’s already hard at the top. If you want it harder just add more weight…?

The only benefit would the slingshot downwards on the eccentric