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Chains and bands

For you guys that train with chains and bands like westside, do you really lug the chains to the gym? and if you do, do the people at the gym actually allow you to use them? I’m training at home right now and haven’t used chains and bands yet but i’ll be transfering to a different college and stayin the the dorms and working out at the REC center and i was wondering what they’d think about chains being lugged into their gym. I dont figure they’d have a problem with the bands, u’d prolly just get looked at funny.

In my experience with University student gyms, I’m guessing they’ll probably try and tell you that you can’t use them there.

Just growl at them and they’ll go away, or, better yet… don’t even acknowledge them.

I use bands in mine. I have a good relationship with the staff as I was one of their best softball players (two state championships) and an athlete so i get to do what i want. I am about to buy some chains but just for the bench. its not going to be a whole lot of weight. I used to worry about what people would say but now i dont care. I squatted in just my squat suit on friday so its safe to say ive come along way in caring what people think. hehe.

I know most people are apprehensive about doing anything outside of the norm but realistically who cares what other people think???

I’ve lugged both chains and bands to my gym a couple of times now, and actually took my chains to a gym I don’t normally lift at today by my girlfriend’s apartment (it was my first time ever lifting at this gym). I got some looks and two questions, but no one gave me any trouble. If they give you trouble, tell them to carry the chains out themselves…most commercial gym trainers probably couldn’t even lift them anyway.

Go ahead and lug them in and when they ask you what they’re for hook them up and explain and demonstrate the concept. If you can explain how the chains and such work most people are impressed and eager to try it out for themselves.

I have both and use both. I leave my box of chains in my locker at the SRC (student rec center) at my college and keep my bands in my gym bag. The staff does not mind when I’m using the chains and has never complained. I’ve actually influenced one trainer to buy some chains for one his clients. Bands of course make no noise so they certainly can’t tell you NOT to use those.

On a funny & side note, if you do decide to use chains at your SRC, be prepared for thousands of questions from uninformed skinny twerps and even dumb muscle heads. Every time I use them (it never fails) I get the typical “Hey, what’s up with the chains?” My partner usually responds with a different answer each workout. “Cardiovascular”, “It adds weight”, “We like the noise”, “I don’t know”, “Nothing” are typical responses he gives to people that look like idiots. I’ll explain it briefly if the guy actually is interested, but most aren’t.

Last workout some steroid mongoloid came up and asked us during lying tricp ext. w/ chains, “Hey, what are the chains for… why not just add more weight?” I preceded to explain and about 10 seconds into it he interrupts me and says “Oh okay yah I get it.” I had barely explained anything. If he already knew then why the f*!@ did he ask? Idiot.

I leave my chains in the gym. I dont care if anyone else uses them although it would be extremely rare that anyone would… maybe one or two other people will use them and even then it is for short periods of time. Although I train in a gym where it would be very rare for anything to be stolen, I doubt that most people would really want to steal chains anyway. The bands I use I take in with me, they weigh next to nothing and take up very little room, so its not a problem to take them in with me everytime i need them.

i’ve changed gyms because they wouldn’t let me use chains. The gym i work at now has their own set of chains and some bands. I still bring in my bands though.