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Chain Set Up?


Does anyone have a picture or description of how chains are supposed to be set up for the bench and squat. Is there different variations or set rules to adhere to.


At the top of the lift (lockout) all the chain sould be OFF the floor. At the bottom of the lift all the chain should be ON the floor. Use a lighter chain and a couple of carbinners to adjust the heavy chain to the right height. Fun stuff. Don't use it all the time. Throw it in every once in a while for a change.



If you go to Westside Barbell' website, they have a couple of articles describing how to set up the chains and bands and how to incorporate them into your workout.


As I recall from the Westside articles, a portion of the chain is still supposed to be on the floor at the top of the lift.


usually is, yeah.





it can be too unstable if the chains start swinging around. I know others that have the chains come all the way off the ground though, and prefer it.

do what you like better.


If you only use chains for max effort work, then them coming off the floor is no big deal. When you start doing speed work with them, they will bounce around and swing alot more if they come off the floor at the top of the lift.


I'm currently using 3 sets of chains (130 lbs) for my speed day benching. I use a thick cotton line with the metal thumb click on one end. Then I tied 2 loops in it, one for benching, one for squatting. I have it set where theres one link touching the floor, to avoid too much swinging. The sound is pretty cool. My wife said it sounded like we had a squadron of ghosts in the garage, they're really loud.