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Chain Pushups

so lately i have been using these nifty set up in my basement on days I don’t train.

hanging from my pullup bar, are long chains on carabiners with giant carabiners for handles at the bottom. like blast straps but cheaper. I have screws drilled into the top of the pullup bar to keep the rings from sliding and have two options, shoulder width and wide, maybe about elbow width with arms out to sides.

so with my feet on a chair, and the handles parallel, i’ve been doing lots of pushups, and bringing my hands together at the top for a fuller contraction. I keep my toro straight and my movements controlled.

today i decided to go a bit crazy and use a dip belt hanging from my lower back underneath me, i have to be very controlled or else the belt swings too much, but there is an incredible amount of abdominal strength involved in hanging 50lbs from your torso while doing pushups.

I really enjoy them and I feel that they are helping my benchpress a ton, because of the shoulder stability required to do them. hanging a dip belt off the bottom just turns this exercise into a serious strength builder, i could only manage 5 or 6 reps with 50lbs extra.

this rig cost about 20 bucks and i thought i should share it with everyone because it’s really amazing and i feel it’s a really useful tool for upper body GPP style workouts

It’s always nice to build your own stuff.

Nice sense of satisfaction when you make something that works just as well as something that costs several times as much.