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Chain of injuries

I need some advice, I have noticed that when I stand I put most of my weight on my left leg. I fractured my right fibula and sprained my ankle at the same time playing soccer last summer, and i was on an aircast for 2-3 months.

I healed up but I noticed that I put more weight on my left side and this has caused me to have tightness in my lower left back and beileve my hamstrings. But my knee also hurts sometimes because I have it extended and leaning on it most of the time.

I discovered something trying to even this out during squats was that coming down into the squat my left hip clicks right beside my pubic area, im guessing hip flexor and on the coming out of the hole during the squat, on my right foot the toe comes up right away, making my ankle foot dorsiflex and making it really difficult to keep the foot plantar flexed. What can I do to fix all this foam rolling?,stretches, strengthening some specific muscles?