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Chain Drop Sets for Str. Endurance


Alright guys

just a recent training session recorded, comments welcome


the chains weigh 20kg each apart from the two small ones which are 5kg. Total weight = 50kg


Need to work on your form. You very quickly start relying on your arms to pull you up and not your back. I don't know how much of a weight room ego you have, but something I did recently was dropping the weighted pullups and going back to the basics. Focusing on lighter lat pulldowns to learn how to full and efficiently activate my lats throughout the motion and worked my way back to normal pull ups.

I'd ditch the chains until you can do bodyweight and look like nate green in the second video here:


Its an strength endurance drop set. The goal isnt super strict form. Watch defrancos guys doing chain pushup/ pull up dropset, the form is not great.
Yes you have to go strict on normal pull ups and normal weighted pull ups, but not a drop set.

Good video, keep having fun


I'm aware of this. I know form fades during a drop set; however, OP only has about one questionably decent pull up in there. I don't think he's ready for these just yet.