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Chain/Band Buying Question


Hi, is there a guide on what chain (or bands)size/length/weight to buy for chain training? are different chain/band needed for sq vs ds vs bench etc? Thanks


Dave Tate's site has a pretty good run down...I think Ironwoody does as well.


Yup - if you email Dave he'll probably have time to answer too or point you towards an article.



I don't know if you have money falling out of your butt, but I don't. I found a crane/construction company in town and got their price on chain and bought 2 - 5' lengths for $65. Those internet prices are crazy.



That's the band that Mr. Tate sells through his site and the actualy jumpstretch website gives you the poundage for each band and they sell a 8 or 10 band set of 4 or 5 pairs of different bands for around $150.

As far as the chains go check out the Elite Fitness website Q&A.

Good luck.