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Chaffing Inside Thighs


Hi any advice on helping reduce chaffing inside my thighs.




[quote]The1andOnly wrote:
Hi any advice on helping reduce chaffing inside my thighs.[/quote]

squat more





imagine seeing this worn at the gym


[quote]LiveFromThe781 wrote:

imagine seeing this worn at the gym


People would think you’re a Predator and try and kill you.


Actually I prefer the Under Armour compression shorts http://www.underarmour.com/shop/us/en/search?search_text=compression+shorts

This really helped me when I started doing more cardio on the treadmill and chafing started getting bad. Any type of compression shorts - bike shorts, etc… should help.


boxer briefs.




[quote]Therizza wrote:
boxer briefs.[/quote]



Oh God…topic reminds me of a surf session 2 years ago where due to my forgetfulness, I had to borrow a wet suit that was way too small for me. I chafed like crazy…it was awful.




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Gold bond does not work FOR ME, it makes it worse FOR ME. Boxer briefs work well, if you will be sweating I’d recommend boxer briefs that are not made from cotton.


If you’ve already got it, Corn Starch gets rid of it in a second. To prevent it underarmour, although that only lasts so long before it catchs up too.
Corn Starch is the method of anyone who’s worked in a kitchen. Makes it disappear instantly.


[quote]RossDB wrote:
Therizza wrote:
boxer briefs.


I walk to my gym most the time and I won’t walk if i don’t have briefs. Plus I tore all my regular boxers from squats.


I got some under armour and it worked for a while, now I chafe at a different spot. No room for my balls or something.


Do you still need to wear underwear underneath the underarmor compression shorts?


Underarmour doesn’t work, not if you have big legs, the material wears down from chaffing and forms rough pilling, and is basically a joke. At least, if you are a big guy with big legs who marches many miles a day, maybe if you are not so big and only go to the gym for a few hours it is OK. Actually it is probably fine for most people.

Baby oil can help but might only last 6 hours or so depending on sweating etc… but you can take it with you and it is cheap.

Personally, the best thing is a kilt. I can go for days in a kilt with no problems. Stupid girly-man modern fashions of trousers and jeans, designed for men with no muscles and no balls, designed by fops in the courts of europe hundreds of years ago and pushed upon us to the modern day.

If anyone has any other tips I would be glad to hear them.

Does that body-glide last a long time e.g 12+ hours? That’d be great.