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Chael Sonnen's CSAC Hearing

He brought in BJ Penn’s mom to testify. He’s that serious.

So let’s get this straight. He was doing TRT. He’s in trouble for it because:

-He didn’t get it properly approved, though he says he did

-He tested high, and for Synthetic Test. Are the numbers disclosed. How much outside normal range are we talking here?

And now he gets a 6 month suspension, a slap on the wrist. Doesn’t sound like a big deal.

Rematch with Maia!

4x the California limit.

Athletic commission vary state to state on whether you need to file
and what acceptable hormone levles are

CSAC wants new documentation each fight-

he filed on another fight in California - but not some of the fights in between in vegas

that is my understanding

didn’t watch the vid till the end. his t was actually in normal levels. the suspension is bullshit.

yup, normal test levels, BUT, his Test/Episterone ratio was 4x normal. Wiki has this to say about T/E ratios:

“It has been shown that exogenous administration of testosterone does not affect levels of epitestosterone in the body. As a result, tests to determine the ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone in urine are used to find athletes who are doping.[3] Most persons have a ratio of about 1:1 testosterone to epitestosterone (T/E ratio) in their urine. However, it is not uncommon to find T/E ratios of up to 4:1 and even T/E ratios of 10:1 can be normal for some individuals. T/E tests are most common because a person may naturally have high levels of testosterone, but even so average T/E ratios for the population in general tends close to 1:1.”

Also, they never brought the ratio up in the hearing. Looks to me like he just effed up the paper work.

Sonnen’s levels of T were “low to average” when they tested him to put him on HRT. (300 something? can’t remember.) and the HRT only brought him up to average to slightly above. which seems weird to inject twice a week for such a small boost.

My question: Could HRT be used to cover up something like cheque drops? It’s a concentrated hit of T that only lasts for a few hours and then it’s over but maybe a little something gets leftover. Maybe the HRT could be used to cover it up. (they think they’re reading the synthetic T from the HRT but they’re really reading stuff from the cheque drop.)