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Chael F*ckin Sonnen!


He is going to fight Michael Bisping this weekend in the co-main event of UFC on Fox 2. The other side of the coin is Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis.

Although I couldn't get into Chael, based upon reading his shit-talking, I have to admit, I like this dude. He had me rolling over here.


Sonnen - Bisping. Can they both lose? I generally like anyone who beats down Bisping, but I just can't bring myself to cheer for that asshat Sonnen.

Will still watch Rashad school Davis though. Let the flames begin.


Sonnen is the man. He sells fights better than anyone in MMA. After he beats Bisping he's going to finally retire Anderson. Chuck and Anderson can do a duet on Dancing with the Stars, since that's all Anderson really does in the octagon.


Dude is fuckin insane...lol


Chael is a god among men.

Smash dat Bisping.


Does motherfucker hire someone to write his shit? God damn, these one liners are amazing.



The other big fight:



The other big fight:


this is an insult to his abilities and im a bisping fan

edit* by "his" i mean sonnen


i was also gonna say from the video the way bisping responds and even just behaves in the back ground i think he knows he has a chinamans chance in the rockies of winning this


Love, love this man. I just love him. Fucking hilarious. LOL.


Chael to kick Bisping'ass.

As for Rashad v Davis, I like Rashad but I'm going to go with Davis on this.


I do not understand how the hell the UFC let Bisbing vs Sonnen happen without doing the TUF thing first. The show would have been epic.

Bisbing should break in this fight.

I think it might be wise to do another blood panel on Chael, because his lithium level appears to have dropped to sub-therapeutic levels again.

I am with Jim, I want them both to lose.


Robert A


Double KO for the win. :slight_smile:

In all likelihood though Sonnen will wipe the floor with Bisping.


I have an irrational dislike of Bisbing. I basically loathe him for his conduct post Hammil. He seems to get along well enough with his family/friends/training partners, but I still REALLY want Michael Bisbing to join the ranks of those unlucky enough to get rectal herpes from a toilet seat. I am good with Sonnen sitting down right after him. In case anyone is wondering, yes this makes me a bad person.

That was clearly a joke. Kind of. I am not sure. Not about the bad person thing though. That's for sure.


Robert A


The "rectal herpes" part almost made me put down my oatmeal. Kudos.

While I give Bisping his props as a fighter, I'm pretty indifferent to him. I see a completely one-sided drubbing coming for him.


The shit talking makes me groan with agony. Why can't everyone be a gentleman like Junior Dos Santos?

the type of thing always makes me think of years ago I might see on TV (I don't watch TV anymore) WWF people made over like glam rockers ranting at each other for what? Chael, is it like Anderson Silva stepped on your foot in a club? I doubt it.


I see Rashad smashing Davis with ease. I also see Chael giving bisping a hiding!


Lol, guy is hilarious. I don't think bisping will be that easy to beat and I don't particularly care for the guy either. Loved when dan Henderson knocked him out.


Hope I'm just being paranoid here but Chael looked a little bit off in post weight-in interview with Ariel Helwani, hope the cut wasn't too rough for him. Human body can only take so much, and it wouldn't be the first great fighter ruined by cutting too much weight too often. If he comes in there in a good condition he should smash Bispings face without any trouble, really can't see what Bisping has to offer here that Chael couldn't deal with. He doesn't have the same kind of one punch knockout power guys like Stann have, his TDD is solid but so was Silva's, and I really doubt he is going to submit Sonnen or scramble and get back to his feet easily. It might go three rounds, but if it does, look for Bisping's face being a bloody mess afterwards.

Rashad is going to beat Davis. I really like Davis, but I just think this is too much too soon for him. Then again, he is young and developing fighter and we haven't seen him inside the octagon for nearly a year, so who knows how much as his game improved since then. Rashad should easily be able to box him standing, so I think its just a matter of weather Davis can take this fight to the ground or not and if he can, how much can he do there? Its a 5 round fight and thats a long time to be in there with a guy like Rashad. I'm still rooting for Davis, but I don't fancy his chances.

I'd really like to hear your opinions of Maia - Weidman though. I don't recon seeing any of Weidmans fights, quick search in google shows that he seems to be a great wrestler but only has purple belt in BJJ. Bookmakers have him as a favorite to win the fight, but Maia having been with the UFC for many more fights and being far more experienced, and also a great grappler, who is going to have the edge here?

I'll also be looking forward to Oliveira's fight, and Russow - Einemo might turn out to be quite a HW collision as well.