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Chad's New Program - Heidi Montag



not sure what to say about this one, ill leave it to the experts to critique....

I had to wikipedia the girl, guess i'm not as hip as I thought.


No idea who she is, but if I was in Chad's position and could make some bank off of something like this, I wouldn't hesitate to do so. I'm sure the program is just fine too.


I showed this to my roommate/training partner and he said "What is it? Do nothing and say that it's hard?"


Little bit of me died when I saw that. Its great for Chad, but I just cannot stand that chick or her husband.


I'm buying that, I love Chad.


I think if we were all in Chad's position, we'd take the check -lol. When I worked in Animation, I can't tell you how many pieces of crap I worked on where I had to stare a producer straight in the eye and tell him what an amazing concept I thought they had developed (gotta pay the rent!)... besides, how many people who never would have heard of him will now go look up 'Waterbury' on Amazon.com?



I won't buy anything associated with her or her husband. She was in Playboy, and didn't even show nipple or vag. Her husband did her interview. I said, "If Playboy lets him interview her, she better be butterflying that snatch," but I guess Playboy disagreed.


He has to be the biggest douche bag to walk the face of the Earth, definitely in my top 3. They went on the lame game show, preaching God etc, and she poses in Playboy? You can tell the kind of girl she is, by the fact that she married the biggest waste of sperm meeting an egg in my lifetime. If I see him around, I would love for him to talk shit to me, I would handle him derty style.

PS - Hey Spencer, Teen Wolf called, he wants his face back.


Oh Playboy....how the mighty have fallen. Hustler is the only one left I can believe in.


My God. Do you have a sister?


I bet this program is a lot like this one he did for FA:


I'm sure it will be good publicity for him, which is cool. I have no idea who that chick is however, and couldn't care less. I'm assuming she is one of those useless people who is famous for being famous?


I'm going to assume he didn't personally say "the body you've always wanted in 6 weeks".


The advert said "Sculpting"!!!!!!


She's a reality TV actress.


LOL. It's a Hollywood workout/promotion/scam. The chick has always looked like that. The whole thing is hilarious. I lived in L.A. for many years, so I unfortunately got to hear all of the gossip. It's just shadiness all around.


I think it's better to say "she's on reality tv" ... that bitch couldn't act her way out of a wet paper bag


Reality TV and actress should never go hand in hand....how in the hell are they stretching their 15 minutes this long. They are both nauseatingly annoying and not only does he look teen wolfish but he also appears midgetly trollish, if that's a combination that's possible.

I can't believe she managed to make it to playboy either without shedding some skin cause she ain't that special. I think Hugh is slippin, the new girlfriends aren't exactly primo in my opinion.


ahhh polo you beat me to it!


WOW....just wow.


they are officially the KING and QUEEN douchebags of the day! imo