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Chad's Article on Front Page


its nice to read training info from different coaches and others who write these articles, but as a pro cyclist, i would not do what chad says in his article. peddaling 40-60 rpm in a huge gear for 5 minutes is called a muscle tension interval, but you do these after thousands of miles in your legs, and after an hour warmup. to jump on the bike and do these = disaster to your knees..

just my opinion..



Ditto. as a martial artist the last thing I would do is advise anyone to do his boxing workout. Knowing Chad it works great for what he wants, but punching with weights will totally screw up timing and power as delivered through the punch. Exception is to punch with gloves on (max. is 16 oz. for amateurs) but then you are just training how to use the equipment. BTDT...

Not a dig at him, but you should think about this if you are, say, training for a bout and run into this advise.

-- jj