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Chad Waterbury's Training Routines


i just starting out and want to start taking things seriously, 18yrs old 135Ibs i want to add mass. i been reading alot on Chad Waterburys high frequency training programs. would his total body training 3x a week be the best option for a beginner. i also hear good things about the Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program. which one of his training programs would be best.


Check out Chad's article on designing your on high frequency routine. Give it a shot starting with the 4 times per week total body routine. Also, how tall are you? at 135, you may want to check out Cy Willson's nutrition article for Skinny Bastards.


Some members have made a spreadsheet of Chad's programs and it includes a suggested periodization of which order to do the programs in:

I think that HFT training might be too big a step to take right away. This isn't a judgement on you, but you really have to make sure your nutrition and recovery methods are dailed in first. You might also want to spend some time perfecting your form on the the major lifts before you try something too advanced.

That being said ABBH or TTT coupled with a solid eating plan (Check out the above mentioned article or the Massive Eating series by Berardi) will give you some great gains. And then you can move on to all the other ones later.


Do not do this.

You said you just started out. You're still a skinny bastard without enough knowledge to design your own program to be effective.

Until you start making gains and learn what works for you use a program written by one of the coaches. Deffinitely give TBT a try for a month or two.

Eat a lot, lift heavy, push yourself in the gym and get lots of sleep.


Chad said in The Next Frontier that, that program wasn't for beginner so don't do that one. Just go to Authors and look up other articles by CW.



In case you're lazy.....


Good call on that. I was thinking more along the lines of someone who is intermediate as opposed to a total newbie.