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Chad Waterbury's New E-book HFT


it is available for 10 days now, and no thread about it.
Any thought ?

yes, I bought it :wink:

[quote]mat_angus wrote:

it is available for 10 days now, and no thread about it.
Any thought ?[/quote]
I haven’t picked up a copy yet, but he’s been writing about high frequency work for nearly 10 years. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was another solid piece of work.

What do you think of the info so far?

Hi Chris :wink:

it’s difficult for me to talk about the e-book as I’m a beginner and don’t have the background to judge an expert…

After reading it I thought that the best info was for lagging parts, as Chad give us for each bodypart a targeted program. You can pick 1 or 2 to include it into your curent routine. It’s practical, and does not necessitate much equipment.
I’m currently on a 12 weeks program with a personnal coach :wink: but I will for sure give it a try for my lagging parts after that.

I did not like the total body HFT workout, but this is my opinion.

As for the Waterbury diet, I will just say 2 key words : Intermitent Fasting…


Is there a paper copy(i would borrow it from the librairy)?

dont buy it. i felt ripped off. he trys to charge u for a bonus abs section and other crap. extremely expensive but i really loved “huge in a hurry” it was a great buy. his new shit is like 20pgs long and charges 8o dollars wtf! i boiught because iassumed it would b same quality as huge ina hurry not even close. a handul of cool ideas about hft. worth 5 dollars IMHO. beware

Thanks, often the case say 100, worth maybe 10.