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Chad Waterbury's Hybrid Hypertrophy


I’ve been thinking about giving this program a go for my next training phase but cannot reconcile the recommendations in Chad’s book Muscle Revolution with those in the article here.

In the book Chad talks about doing 4 sets of 3 followed by a set of 12-14 whereas in the article the 4th set of 3 is carried out after the set of 10-12.

I thinly the book was published after the article so it may be that he updated the program but that approach seems to go against the rationale for the program.

Can anyone clarify which approach is correct?



First approach makes more sense to me.

Try both if need be. Don’t get overly sexed up about the minor details.

I just finished Chads ‘Get huge in a hurry’ and it made for an interesting read. His idea on doing IMO, bugger all work and gaining is blowing my mind. Once I stall on 5/3/1 I might give one of his strength programs a run and the overal volume will be a big drop for me.

I’d also look into Chad’s original “Singles Club” program or the updated “Singular workout” article.

20-25 singles with 90% intensity…crazy shit.

It really doesn’t matter.

Are you advanced? Most advanced lifters don’t even over-think crap like that…

Keep adding weight to the bar with good form, tension/control and enough volume/sets (it really is that simple)

Don’t blindly follow any routine, learn from it. Trial and error; see what makes you progress and repeat over and over.