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Chad Waterbury's Huge in a Hurry


I am just getting back to working out and I was wondering if anybody has tried "Huge in a Hurry" and if so what do you think and what were your results? Also what type of workout would you recommend for someone just getting started?


I think it is unreleased and comes out in December.

To my knowledge, he has Muscle Revolution (which I have and like) and 10/10 which is an eBook.


I would recommend starting with a program designed for beginners. If you're going to do Huge in a Hurry though I had good results doing it.


So, it is already out?

Where did you purchase the program?


It's not a big deal substituting cable exercises with the respective db presses, rows and so on, right?




I started Huge in a Hurry about 3 weeks ago and have already seen results in my strength, as well as my legs gaining about a quarter of an inch. I think that this work out is worth the try and will have some amazing results in the long run.


I am also interested in this book, but have held off to see what some of the work outs looked like and how well everything meshed together?

Any hints as to how the different workouts are? (sets/reps/exercises?



i own the book. i havent started a program, only done a couple of the workouts. Think V-Diet exercises. Read over those routines and you will see, the workouts are at a fast past, as fast as possible while keeping form. as soon as you cant do a rep with the same tenacity while maintaining form, you rest and do again. mostly full body routines. i dont really want to give away too many details as he is selling it and there is a wealth of free knowledge on this website already. you can look up his articles, he has exerpts from it on here.