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Chad Waterbury's Gain 10 Lose 10

Well, it’s 17 weeks until my wedding and I really should be doing more about getting into shape. I’ve been a follower of the site and a lot of Waterbury programs so I thought why not give the Gain 10 Lose 10 a try. Given that I have a few extra weeks to play with (it’s a 12 week program) I’m hoping to do some extra fat cutting at the end and a 1 week lead-in to get some diet/ snacks dialed in, as well as some stretching, soreness and beginning program shit out of the way.

Basics: Male, 29, 5’7", 165lbs @ 23% BF, 35.5" waist
Goal - 160lbs - 15% BF, 31" waist

Immediately, you’ll see this is losing 15lbs and only gaining 10lbs. I’m hoping with the few extra weeks, I can cycle phase 1 again and lose another few lbs or over achieve a little bit in each weight loss phase.

I’ll be posting each workout, as well as a picture of every meal. As you can imagine, my fiancé is also wanting to get in better shape, but she’s not quite as into the same workouts I am … that being said, a decent amount of my HIIT / Cardio will be Orange Theory Fitness classes and/or some kettlebell classes at work (pretty good setup at work gym wise). I should have everything I need to do the weightlifting portion as prescribed.

Let’s get started!

Wk 1 Goal: Dial in the diet, food prep, and overall activity. Will take pics, measurements Sunday morning.

I started out Sunday with a 3 mile walk at 3.5MPH, 7 incline. Meal 1 was 10 wings, Coors Light x3 and baseball w/ friends. Meal 2 was 1 tomato, 1 small pork chop / loin / center cut aprox 3 oz, handful of mixed fruit, small salad w/ olive oil drizzle, 2 oz cheese.

Purchased the Greens+ supplement and at least a few days of groceries. I already have most of the rest of the supplements outlined (creatine, BCAA’s, Acai juice, Oil Complex, Protein).

Will post today’s meals and workouts tonight or tomorrow. Any feedback or ppl who have done this before is welcome, please chime in!

Day 1 update:

Breakfast - large coffee
Lunch - small salad, with chicken, veggies, light dressing, 1/4 cup croutons
Dinner - two fajita tacos, chips and salsa, 3 margaritas

Workout: None

Day 1 Thoughts: Well, didn’t quite go as planned for dinner and workouts. I was surprised to the good news when I got home that my fiance got a promotion at work and it was off to happy hour and dinner. We tend to enable each other I guess, but I was very happy for her. I think next time I could probably skip at least one of the drinks, relax on the chips and forget one of the tortillas … That being said, there is 1 or 2 cheat meals per week (pretty sure this excludes alcohol though).

Day 2

Breakfast: 1 scoop mixed protein, Greens+, 1 cup berry mix

Workout: 1 mile run, stretching / foam rolling
Squat 4x10
Bench 4x10
Lat Pulldown 4x10
Chest Fly 3x10
Hamstring Curl 3x10
Notes: First time lifting in 2 weeks, legs were dying on squat, everything was for reps and form. Will be very sore, need to do some extra walking, stretching, etc. the next few days.

Lunch: Small salad with chicken and mixed veggies, light dressing

Snack: 4oz chicken breast

Dinner: 2 oz brisket, 3 oz chicken breast, 2 cups broccoli, spinach salad w/ olive oil, 4 oz red wine, 1 slice white bread

Day 3

Breakfast: Greens+, cup of mixed fruit

Lunch: salad with mixed veggies, chicken, light dressing

Snack 1: 4 oz chicken breast

Dinner: 4oz chicken, 2 oz brisket, 1 slice white bread, spinach salad with olive oil, 1 glass red wine, 1 steak fajita taco

25 min walk w/ dog

Day 3: Dinner has been a bit tougher than I thought … been clearing out leftovers and I’ve had carbs when really shouldn’t have been. Need to start cutting those out.

Day 1 is here! Fell off the updating last week as things got busy but as it’s officially Wk 1 Day 2 I have some updating to do.

Day 1:
Breakfast - two eggs, 1 small sausage link
Lunch: Small salad with chicken and light dressing, vegetables.
Dinner: 6 oz chicken breast with broccoli and 2 tbsp cheese
Post Workout: half banana
ZMA before bed

1.25 mile run, foam rolling, stretching
8x3 circuits of deadlifts at 185lb, pullups and dips at BW.

Thoughts: Meal planning went well, probably could have used an extra snack but I ate dinner close to my workout. Had to work late and didn’t go till about 930PM, so when I got done I was not starving either and just had the banana.

Day 2

Breakfast: Two eggs, 1 sausage link, 1 bacon, Greens+
Lunch: Chicken salad with veggies and light dressing
Dinner: Chicken with asparagus

Workout: 30 min treadmill sprints

Day 3

Breakfast: Two eggs, two bacon, Greens+
Lunch: Small salad w/ veggies and chicken, light dressing
Dinner: 10oz NY Strip, salad
Snack: Dark Chocolate

Workout: 5x8 circuits
RDL’s @ 135
Military Press @65
Row @85
Front squat 115
10min stair climber

Thoughts: Wasn’t able to get my hands on any fruit before the workout and struggled a bit with endurance and focus. Definitely need to have those when doing more than 3 reps per set (Monday workout).

Day 4

Took completely off from working out … Meal 1 and 2 were standard from yesterday. Had a cheat meal at the Pluckers wing bar and watched the NBA game with friends.

Day 5 -

Meal 1: 2 eggs, 1 bacon, Greens+
Lunch: Chickfila Chicken Sandwich, medium fries
Dinner: 10oz steak, small salad, 1 glass red wine

Workout: 4x15 circuits
5 min jump rope warmup, foam rolling
RDLs at 65lbs
Incline DB press at 35lbs
Reverse lunge 25lb kettlebells
cable wood chop 30lbs
lat pulldown - 75lbs

HIIT intervals on the bike (makeup from Thursday)

Thoughts: Kind of doubled up the cheat meals a little close there, ended up getting lunch with a friend hadn’t seen in a couple weeks.

Saturday: No workouts, BBQ for lunch (no sides or bread) with a couple beers. Dinner was a sushi night with the fiance for her birthday. Only had a few rolls w/ rice, probably 1/4 cup of rice total. Some sake shots were complimentary due to the special occaison.

Sunday: Cheeseburger from Yardhouse with Fries, ate half the bun, minimal french fries. Dinner was a chicken salad. No workouts.

Weekend thoughts: Saturday was a great day, had a lot of “NEPA” (non exercise physical activity) walking around downtown and with the dog … I had 1 cheat meal too many but worked on Friday after that Chickfila Sandwich.

Wk 2

Meal 1: Greens+, 2 eggs, 1 bacon, hot sauce
Meal 2: Small chicken salad, with veggies, light dressing
Meal 3: Chicken caesar salad, 1 dark chocolate square

Workout: Orange Theory ESP class w/ fiance.

Thoughts: Good to get back hitting it hard Monday after taking off the weekend. The OTF class was pretty difficult, it will take the place of the Tuesday cardio. Plan on doing Mondays 8x3 circuit Tuesday.


Breakfast: Greens+, two eggs, 1 bacon
Lunch: Smoked turkey sandwich on rye
Dinner: Shrimp, side salad

Workout: OTF

Notes: Couldn’t eat lunch till 3 PM and sandwiches were all that were left … needed the carbs though, had a great workout last night and used up all of them.