Chad Waterbury's 100 reps

Is it okay to do 50 dips in the morning and 50 dips in the evening? I can’t do 50 consecutive, but i would not be going to failure if I did 5 sets of ten? I could do 18, 17, and 15 reps, but i would be going close to failure on each set. When i do the sets in the morning, and if i only eat one meal from 7 - 10, should i eat this meal before or after the work out? (during?) What would be the ideal macro nutrients to get before and after the morning session.

For you, dips represent a percentage of 1RM that is too great for the desired effect. If you broke it up into 10 reps/hour you could get the 100 accomplished, but once again, I would not recommend it based on your strength information. What muscle group are your trying to development? If it is the triceps, perform band extensions or db extensions or even close hand position (shoulder width) push-ups. If you can’t perform at least 50 then don’t do them. If it is the chest, perform wider than shoulder width push-ups. Avoid failure! As many lifters have already posted, it takes a very low percentage to reap the benefits of the program.
As for the nutrition guidelines, those are complex questions that would make this response extremely long. I recommend a 40/30/30 or 50/30/20 breakdown for starters of carb/protein/fat. You don’t need to eat around every set you perform. Just follow the guidelines of a good muscle building eating plan on this site. There are plenty. Best of Luck.

If the reason you want to do it like this is because you can only make it to the gym twice a day, try push ups instead. I like push ups because you can do them anywhere. You can do them when you get up, before you go to sleep, at a friend’s house, or even at work. This way you can break it into sets of 10-15 and avoid faliure. You can do them for triceps or pecs/front delts (really helps your bench!).

What speed of movement should i use? Also since this would not be considered a workout would I still want to have a post-workout shake/meal after I finsih my setsin order to get more nutrients into the muscle. Thanks you guys i will let you know how it goes.

The tempo I prescribe is stated in the article 1020 or a 1s negative, no pause, 2s concentric, no pause. I have gotten excellent results with an even quicker tempo of 1010. Either one will work.
If you can afford it I would highly recommend taking 1/2 dose of surge pre and post workout. In other words in the AM take 1/2 dose and perform your 50 reps followed by 1/2 dose. In the evening do the same (1/2 before 50 reps and 1/2 after). This would create a huge recovery aid of nutrients to your lagging muscles.

Thanks Chad for the quick reply. I just got my surge in the mail today. I have decided to work my abs and calves.

Chad, first of all I was very excited reading about this program and have since incorporated it into my regimine (using the pushup suggestion for pecs). One question; would it be fine to do 50 reps in the morning and then two sets of 25 spaced 4 hours apart? Thanks. To you other freques, definitely keep this thread pulsin’ with progress reports, as will I. Lata.

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Thanks for the comments. Yes, that would work great. Let me know how your progress goes. Get ready to eliminate soreness very quickly and add some mass.

monkeyboy–ive been doing 100 calf raises for 2 weeks now. first off, my calves feel like they are on a 24 hour pump, and when i hit them in the gym, they get pumped after the first set, stay pumped for a few hours after my workout, and i get absolutely no soreness. i just cant wait to see how much bigger they get.

hey buddy… how do you perform your calv workout?

i just do standing calf raises on the stairs to my basement. after experimenting with 10 sets of 10, and 4 sets of 25, i find for calves, 5 sets of 20 is the best. i get the best pump, and i am still about 30 reps before failure, and its easy to space out. by the way, i find i get a better range of motion when i do it barefoot (also better grip b/c my stairs are carpeted.)

Chad, been doing the 100 rep protocol for pecs (pushups) w/ 50 in the morning 25 about 4 hours later and 25 again in the late evening for about two weeks and the results have been what I could only describe as dumbsick impressive. I have a definite increase in pectoral density combined with a heightened pump during my chest workout. I’ve also seen an increase in strength which is an unexpected yet quite desirable side effect. Chad, one question, how long should I stay on the 100 reps program before switching it up to another muscle group? Thanks. Oh, and the “Break the Rules, Break out of the Rut” program has been printed out and is sitting on my desk. Should be some painful fun. Lata.

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Chad, how well do you think it would work if I did the 100 reps on two body parts (one major, one minor, like chest and calves)?

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Great to hear you are getting good results. Stay on the program for 8 weeks. Cycle back on it whenever you feel soreness is re-occuring.

Try it and see. I split up the bodyparts into large/small categories for simplicities sake. In your case a large/small program program performed simultaneously might work awesome. There is a possibility of overtraining if other stressors in your life are too great. Let me know how it works for you.

Chad…would the 100 rep program be beneficial to someone who is already doing an extremely high volume program such as GVT…or would it possibly lead to overtraining? If this has already been answered I apologize.

As long as this thread is up here… Yo MBE, Jonny b, JC, how are the push-ups/calf raises going? I was doing push ups while on a strength routine and noticed incredible progress on bench press and dips. At the end of that routine I was able to bench 275 (after being stuck at 245 before) and do 6 perfect dips with a 100 lb dumbell hanging from the belt. I now can see a network of veins running through my front deltoids and across my upper chest. The pecs even got a little bigger, even though I was training for strength. But I just stopped doing the push ups at about 7 weeks. I needed better triceps recovery for the hypertrophy routine I started a few weeks ago, so I am now doing overhead triceps extensions and shrugs. Yesterday I did my first triceps workout since switching to tris/traps, and I am barely sore at all, while last time I was sore for 3 days! Any other success stories???

I am curious about the GVT…

But Chad I must say, this is the BEST advise i’ve EVER goten… I’ve always lagged in my chest, and this has helped me actually put size on, IT"S AMAZING!!!..

anywase, thanks ALOT…

I mayaswell ask you some questions while im at this… I’ll tell you what i Have been doing, After every time I eat… I do 20 pushups…

Now I have a question… I Did, regular pushups for 4 weeks, and incline pushups for 4 weeks… I still am lagging on my chest (will be for awhile), should I go off of it for awhile, and cycle it back on? or just keep hitting it from different angles every 4 weeks…?