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Chad Waterbury vs Stuart McRobert


...not literally, of course. I haven't seen a pic of either man, so I couldn't say who'd win.

My question is which program would be better for a beginner who wants to see results quickly...Stuart McRobert's "Beyond Brawn" program, or Waterbury's "10 X 3" program?

I read "Beyond Brawn" and that seemed to make sense...then I read Waterbury's articles on here and hey seem tomake sense too (perhaps mpre sense).

Any thoughts? Is Waterbury's 10 X 3 suitable for a beginner?

I have access to the following equipment:

A Power Rack
Trap Bar




I'm prety sure that none of Waterburys programs are for beginners. They are designed to challenge and build muscle on intermediate to advanced lifters.

I haven't read it myself, and other input from some with experience would definitely help, but Scrawney to Brawney by John Berardi may help.


With the eqpmt you mention, you could get a good squat/deadlift programme going.

I assume you'll be lifting at home since I have yet to come across a trap bar in a gym.

Try one of McRobert's frameworks in "Beyond Brawn" and concentrate on increasing your poundages slowly. A 10 X 3 with very heavy weights could be too much for a beginner.

All the best



I just happened to finsh my second reading of Stu's book Beyond Brawn and Further Brawn and the guy makes a hell of alot of sense. I personally would give Stu's routines in the books a shot as they are targetted more for beginner's, although there are more advanced routines throughout the books.


Also, McRobert's latest book features a 1 year "programme" of lifting.


I've read Brawn and Beyond Brawn but got far far more out of reading books by people like Charles Poliquin, particularly, 'The Poliquin Principles'.


im going to disagree with Le Stig even though he shares my birthday

i got a lot out of beyond brawn, i now do Waterbury 10x3, but not exactly to protocol. i only lift twice a week


What didn't you like about the Poliquin Principles ?


None will give you quick results. You still need to invest a lot of time and effort. SM tends to make routines good for beginners. However, I think Chad makes excellent programs for people who have spent some time under the iron


im not saying i dont like charles' stuff,

i just have had mnore success with the beyond brawn way than anything else


to be completely honest, i have not actually read the book poliquin pirnciples. i was referring to poliquin articles in muscle media that i used to read and things ive read on the web

to me, the routines are too complex. i like the simplicity of BB


There was a lot of useful info in the early MM2k editions. To be fair though, some of it was complete bollocks though.


The only gripe I have with McRobert's material is that he qualifies everything by saying (in effect), "but remember, you're a hardgainer and you probably won't put on much muscle."

This is bull, and for a beginner could make them not even bother starting to train at all.

I think McRoberts applies his own shortcomings to everyone.

Don't just assume the 'hardgainer' tag.

It's much easier to say, "Oh, I must be a hardgainer" rather than look at your diet and programme if things aren't going right. But by doing so, you could waste a lot of your potential.



I dont remember CW ever saying his routines arent for newbies? iv'e been lifting 9 months with only CW routines and havent had a problem doing so? in fact his routines are great for newbies as they include the major compund exercises are quick 45-90 mins a session.You dont train to failure there easy to read,understand and implement and best of all Chad's available online if you need to ask him a question! :slight_smile:


Waterbury's stuff is far superior no matter what level you are at.


Good you said that, I concur as probably do most people.


I've just checked out most of Waterbury's stuff.....and I have to agree with you.



Funny enough and by strange coincendence! a guy in his 50's asked me today if I was doing SM workouts ala brawn as he saw my stack of plate-mates.The guy told me he has used SM workouts for all the time he had been trainig i.e 10 years!
needless to say he didnt look like he had been training for 10 years.Not knocking SM but this was another reason for me to not stop using CW's proggrammes.Incediently he also mentioned he never used a Dumbell in all that time so go figure??? lol


Waterbury all the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hmmmm....I have now seen pics of Chad Waterbury and he is a BIG guy.

Strangely I can find no pics of Mr McRobert anywhere. I think this is strange since a weight training 'coach' must surely have a physique that proves their own methods work.

So I say Waterbury would win the fight.

Thanx to all info above. I am going to start the ABBH program.