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Chad Waterbury: VoS question

Little question:

If I use VoS for a lower body lift, where do I plug my upper body workouts(and vice-versa)?



Good question - and one that I knew would come up. It is my fault because the answer is not clear in the article, so I am glad you asked. The upper body exercises will be your Assistance exercises every other day. In other words, Day 1: Lower body Movement w/lower body assitance exercises Day 2: Off Day 3: Lower body Movement w/upper body assistance exercises. Just be sure you pick upper body exercises that aren’t too demanding because they could impede your recovery in the lift you are trying to improve. Hopefully, this makes sense. If you need more clarification, let me know. Good Luck!

Ok! Thanks a lot! I’ll use it for the Bench Press, since it’s my weakest lift and I’ll give you the results.