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Chad Waterbury theories


I admit that I haven't read too much regarding the theories of Chad Waterbury, but from what I can garner, he recommends doing either one of two things: alternating between Maximum strength and explosive strength days(such as during a strength cycle) and alternating between low rep/high set days to high rep/moderate set days(such as during a hypertrophy cycle). Would someone please comment on this? Thanks much.


I usually alternate between different strength methods within a microcycle in order to tax as many different motor unit pools as possible. Such a technique is necessary in order to simultaneously improve multiple strength qualities.


Thanks Chad, appreciate the response. So in essence, one could design an efficient training cycle in which you could perform one of your typical splits for mass for 8 weeks(ABBH style, alternating high-rep/moderate sets with low rep/high sets) followed by a more standard strength cycle according to your parameters for 8 weeks by alternating the various strength methods you utilze be it endurance, maximal, explosive, etc? Apologize for the number of questions, just trying to become as educated as possible:)


Yes, if your goal is maximum hypertrophy, perform the following:

Quattro Dynamo
Single's Club

If you seek maximal strength with subsequent increases in hypertrophy, perform:

Quattro Dynamo
Single's Club


I've had a layoff from regular lifting, though I've been doing BW exercises and some Olympic lifts.

I'm ready to start lifting again on a regular schedule.
Is it a good idea to begin lifting again using ABBH?

Or do I need to build some baseline strength in all exercises before starting?




You can begin the ABBH routine ASAP. Just be careful to not hit failure since you've been out of training for a spell.