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Chad Waterbury Spreadsheet Programs


About 4 years ago a poster on this website called StrongMan had made excel spreadsheets of all of CW's programmes. As im about to switch to full body workouts I was wondering if anyone still had those excel programmes they could send me, thanks.


See if this attachment works.


Thanks for your help. However, that doesn't work, not to worry as I managed to find the old spreadsheet programmes. They are bloody awesome so if any1 wants them just pm me.


full body training sucks dick for bodybuilding, why do you want to train that way?


Well actually im not training primarily to get big, im training to get more athletic and stronger. That being said however when i was 17 I gained lots of size on ABBH I. And even now doing WS4SB for around 10 months i've yet to get anything as noticeable as that. Have you ever even trained full body?


Then why post performance related goals in a forum solely dedicated to improving how the body looks? Should post this in the conditioning forum then.


Because who is more likely to have excel spread sheets of a programme called anti BODYBUILDING HYPERTROPHY, conditioning or bodybuilding?
It doesn't matter why or how i am going to apply these programmes. The point is where is the most obvious place to ask?


Try the ANTI bodybuilding section.


Try cutting.


No thanks. Good luck with your ABBH program and gaining 'lots of size'.




LMFAO cheers man I needed that. And thanks to the uneducated people that posted on this thread, too easy.


Hey bud PM me your email. I used to have that sheet, don't anymore, but have some other stuff from Waterbury.


Just Googled 'Waterbury Excel T-Nation' and got this:



Jesus Christ...


Dunno if you missed my point here, but I was just giving the OP a quick masterclass on how a five second Google search (typing literally what you are looking for) is usually more productive than wasting time posting about why nobody will help, or waiting for a roadmap to "the most obvious place to ask"...


My post was in response to the utter idiocy the OP is typing up here, not you.

Whatever happened to your common sense, brother? :wink:


Sorry - thought maybe by posting the link I could be seen as advocating its content. It's hard to know how to interpret a cry of anguish over the internet, or who it's meant for. Despair is such a raw emotion...

Ah, it kind of gets drained after a while when people expect you to do all their work for them :wink:

He still hasn't thanked me for the link :frowning: It took me forever to track down. Oh...


That's actually where I ended up finding them after I posted this. And I really don't remember posting about why nobody would help me.


Soo....you spend two days faffing around, responding to posts and asking if anybody had the spreadsheets, then it suddenly occurs to you to Google for them shortly after I provide you with the link? That's fantastic news!! Now that you apparently found them before I did, you don't have to thank me after all!

Now you're just faffing around, responding to posts :wink: /hijack