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Chad Waterbury Seminar!

I’m going to be holding a seminar in Tucson, AZ on April 9. I’ll cover many topics including, but not limited to:

  1. Training methods for hypertrophy, maximal strength, fat loss, and powerlifting.

  2. Program Design (how to design your own, based on my methods).

  3. Nutritional Tips and Supplementation.

  4. Injury assessment and treatment protocols.

  5. Identifying strength imbalances.

In addition, I’ll tackle any, and all, questions that are addressed by the attendees. In other words, there’s no set schedule, I’ll let the attendees dictate which direction the seminar goes.

This is a rare opportunity for those interested. I’m only allowing 10 people to attend, so if you’re interested, contact me ASAP via PM or at my website www.chadwaterbury.com.

Date: Saturday, April 9, 12-5PM
Place: Tucson, AZ (private training facility owned by a client)
Fee: $175

I look forward to the seminar, and I must reiterate that it’s only for the first 10 people, so act quickly!

Chad, any chance you’ll sell videos of this seminar?

damn it

that is the day my cousin gets married in San Diego…

this is going to be a tough choice man…

I guess I can see the video of my cousins weding :wink:

[quote]michaelv wrote:
Chad, any chance you’ll sell videos of this seminar?[/quote]

A video would be wicked sweet!

One of these times I’ll make it to one. . . damn college obligations.

This is a great opportunity, especially with a 10 person limit. A real bargain!

Chad, we’ll shoot you some T-Nation shirts and other goodies to pass out to these lucky bastards!

Chad, in all seriousness, don’t make a grown man cry. Please put out a video for sale. Cripes, I’d love to go to this thing!

Disc Hoss

I would defenitly buy that video, at any price!

Oh hell yeah… especially if you can get Jessica Alba to demonstrate the routines.

Wished I lived within driving distance. Hopefully someone who attends can give us a report.

Wanted: The seminar on DVD since I won’t be able to attend a seminar in my liftime.

I am in on a DVD seminar, any level of recording quality…just the info,man.

Okay, Chad, the goodies are on the way. Everyone who attends will get a T-shirt and probably walk out with a tub of Grow!, Surge or another Biotest supp. Good luck with the seminar! Make’em do Waterbury Walks!