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Chad Waterbury’s SOB Program for ‘Rehab’

Hi, I’m recovering from knee surgery (minisectomy) and looking to build a strength and good posture to use in bjj and protect joints.

I’m thinking as soon as I can handle weights completing Waterbury’s SOB program then moving to strength (WSFSB or 5/3/1) then cycle to power periodisation.

Reasons for SOB

  1. the higher rep days will be good rehab for my joints by promoting blood flow

  2. the high rep low intensity will be good to reprogram good posture with a decent trainer before moving to strength

  3. cycling
    hypertrophy,strength,power is advisable and this program will give me functional hypertrophy

  4. my sport benefits from muscular endurance

  5. splitting the body gives me days where my legs won’t be fatigued and I can practice skills.
    Let me know what you think of my reasoning, any adivce would be great.

SOB- https://www.t-nation.com/training/sob-training

Forgot to say… I’m basically looking for advice, any input, is my reasoning right? Any input would be great thanks

Go for it, just be aware of your status and dont push yourself into injury again. Its a perfectly fine program though

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