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Chad Waterbury Rep Set Bible

i’ll keep it as short as possible. any other details about self can be included if needed :slight_smile:

ok never tried a proven routine before really, just kind of muddled my way through.

best lifts:

dead 190kg x3
bench 100kg x2
squat 150kg x4
leg press 450kg x10

im about to start following the rep set bible, but in a 1 time per week bodypart split style. i intend to switch to a upper/lower split in 6-8 weeks i think.

my question is for a back workout would rear delts and traps actually count as ‘back’ work?

for example chad recommends up to 200 reps for back in a week. would you guys (or chad if he’s reading) include traps and rear delts in this rep/set prescription?

my workout might look as follows:

deadlifts 140kg 8x3 (working on not using straps or belt so starting light)

pull ups keep going till i get to 25 reps

pendlay row supersetted with hs pulldowns 3-4 sets of 8-10

as a full back workout. but i wanted to include

rear delts 4x12 supersetted with shrugs 4x12

(never used supersets before btw, but i figure they cut the time down lifting and could enhance pump- although i know pump is not EVERYTHING!)

would this go against the rep set rules and over tax muscles that are already being hit with enough volume or would it get me awesome quicker?

im also aware the idea is to eat and progress in strength. i just wanted opinions before i started it :slight_smile:

for legs i followed the guidelines as:

ham curls 5x8
squats 4x12
leg press 5x8-10

and felt like a good workout :slight_smile: (i count deads as ham work to so dont go overboard here)

so obviously i realise that less is more in a sense, but since the back is comprised of so many different muscle groups would this help stimulate growth or take away from recovery too much guys?



Link to the article?

I seriously doubt adding in some work for rear delts and traps would take away from any kind of back development.

Hows this sound… Try it for 12 weeks and get back to us. If your numbers are stagnating and you havent seen any growth, something will need to change. If you want to achieve any kind of impressive physique you will be in this game for YEARS AND YEARS, 12 weeks of potentially less than optimal progress wont amount to a hill of beans in the grand scheme.

Also, if you are just starting out, you might want to consider NOT designing your own program, especially one like this where you have to design literally every facet of it. Chad Waterbury has other programs in the archives if you are a fan of his style that I would try first before trying to design my own from that particular template.