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Awesome articles, man… Quick question though and I hope you answer… IN your tight wrist flexor article can you recommend any other shoulder stretching articles for us to read up on ? I’ve already read and am applying JP C’s article advice/exercises but could use more info…

Hope to hear from you.


Proper stretches are tough to describe without pictures. Refer to Ian King’s Lazy Man’s Guide to Stretching for pics. The upper body stretches shown are good choices. I recommend you use the contract/relax method for each position.
Apply max tension for 6 seconds, release, and stretch to the new limit. Repeat that for 5-6 phases with 30s rest between each phase.

whn you stretch to the new limit…how long do you hold it there??

the 30 sec??
or do you just get there release then rest…and repeat?

when do you recomend you do this type of stretching? 4-6 hrs after workouts?

only on workout days??



Hold the “new” position for 8-10s before releasing and resting.

Stretching can be performed all day long if you possess such a luxury. If you’re tight, you can’t stretch too much.

Bottom line: stretch as frequently as you can until you achieve the desired range of motion.