Chad Waterbury Push-Up Pic

I was reading the Reader Mail of this week’s issue and it asked to post a photo of this exercise. The photos with the “feet narrow” description are an example of the exercise in question. Can’t wait to get my T!

This is incorrect and not the exercise CW wrote about.

Also, we were hoping someone would take an original pic, not find something off the web.

Feel free to try again though. No one has won the T-shirts yet!

Admin, is there a contest I overlooked?

I should be somewhat rewarded for at least taking the initiative! :wink:

I get how to do the movement looking at Waterbury’s explanation. But that movement is too hard for my strenght levels to perform properly :frowning:

This look like Pavel Tsatsouline`s stuff with a couple of years of delay.

PGA200X- See this week’s News and Reader Mail section for details.

Still no winner yet!

I’d post what it looks like but I can’t actually do it. I honestly can’t see anyone being able to do this. But I’m a weeny.

No winner yet…

Yeah, the reason why is because this is the most brutally humiliating bodyweight exercise I’ve ever friggin’ tried!

Question for CW: Is the body meant to remain perfectly rigid throughout the movement from feet to head? My waist is dipping down as my upper body moves up, and I’m assuming that in order to do a proper rep you have to remain as stiff as a board. Is that correct?


Dan C,

The person in the pick is Bryce Lane. Those pics were taken a few years ago, long before Pavel’s latest cash co…I mean book hit the market.

The best way to describe it, I think, is a lying cross body pushup. So yes your body must remain rigid. To add to CW’s method for working up to doing a single rep, you can do standing in a door way. Assume the same position CW described except you’re standing in a door way. Angle your body for resistance and push against the wall how CW describes pushing against the floor.

Yea, MadMan, what a bad, bad, man…trying to make money by selling his books and all. Awful, awful, man.

Who said anything about Pavel being awful? I’m a fan and have several of his products. Yes, I was taking a bit of a potshot at Pavel (actually I should have directed it towards Dragon Door’s marketing people for the latest “post card” that they sent. Said I would be removed from the mailing list if I didn’t order the book), but oh well.


Dragon Door is the most aggressive company on the face of the earth! Okay, maybe not quite, but close. I purchased something from them about two years ago and they wouldn’t leave me alone. I have sent them countless E-mails. I ended up having to block them. Sometimes people do not get the hint that you just don’t want to hear from them anymore.

As for Chad’s photo. How many guys his size do you see doing a one arm Push-up! Inspiring photo. Kudos to CW for the effort!


You’ve got that right. The only thing that has really bothered me was that last post card. If they really wanna lose me as a customer (especially when they drop me themselves), their loss. I’ll be more than glad to spend my money else where.