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Chad Waterbury Harbinger Hypertrophy


I'm trying to design a training scheme for myself right now, I want to try the Chad Waterbury Harbinger Hypertrophy scheme. This takes 8 weeks and has in week 1,3,5,7 a normal trainingsschedule, but in week 2,4,6,8 you train the antagonistic muscles, so chest/back, quads/hams and biceps/triceps.

I'm kinda stuck now, since I have no clue how to fill this in. This is since you must put 4 compounds exercises in and two single joint exercises. (this is the instruction btw: http://www.tmuscle.com/...albody_training ). For the antagonistic training, I think I understand since biceps en triceps are mostly isolations by itself. Then I could for example do this:

Flat barbell press

Front Squat
Leg Curls

Hammer curls
Triceps rope extensions

But then there is the problem that I use 3 compound exercises and three single joint exercises instead of 4 compounds and 2 single joint exercises. So does anyone what I'm doing wrong here?

And next to that, I do not do anything for shoulder here.. (yes I know you train them with BP and Pullups, but theres no single overhead press in here) Same for my abs..? Does anyone know if this is bad?

These were my questions about the antogonistic training. But next to that, I have difficulty with the normal training schedule. There pretty much the same applies as in that I have to pick 4 compounds and 2 single joint exercises. But he offers me 5 groups of compounds, from which I have to pick 4, so I'll always forget one.. Do someone understand how I must fill this in? The same for the single joint exercises, I must pick 2 out of 6, so I will always forget 4.. I want to train in balance, but I do not quite know how to interpreted this..

Hopefully someone can help :slightly_smiling:


My opinion (and this is my genuine opinion): Get on a better program.


I'm so confused. Programs don't have to be complicated to work.


First thing you are doing wrong....thinking any of this shit needs to even be that complicated.

Second thing....listening to a personal trainer who hates bodybuilding when your goal is optimal gains in muscle mass.


im seriously wondering why these programs get more and more complex...


Because nobody wants to do a program called "basic shit". Radical uncontrolled explosive muscle program sounds much cooler to someone who has no idea what they are doing. Same thing as supplements. To get idiots to buy you need a catchy name. I'm sure you knew this, just wanna through my 2 cents in.


OP - get on a basic 4 way bodypart split.

Chest and tris
Shoulders and bis

Something along those lines. Mix it up however you want, but don't overthink everything.


I'd even say a 3-way split would be optimal for the newbie.


Honestly if you really want to do a 'program', here is a recent one by JP Catanzaro. IMO I think it's fantastic.



Soo sad...:-/




I loved that article, good adivce



First of all, thanks for the replies, appreciate it.

I want to say a few things.

11 months ago, I started at a weight of 138lbs, right now I am 185 lbs.

I started from scatch and did a lot of programs.

First I started with a 4 day split chest/triceps, back/biceps/, legs, schoulders, calfs, underarmes (8 weeks), then a pretty hard FB (8 weeks), then Doggcrap till total failure, and after that I got an unexpected surgery.

So I do not see myself as a total newbie, since I've learned quite a few basics, but I'm nowhere where I want to be!

I just starting reading on T-Nation yesterday, and found this training scheme, but if ít sucks, then I won't do it.

Since I registerd here, I came to learn from everyone here, so that's what I'm going to do.

But the reason why I wanted to try that new scheme was because I think variation is the key to gain muscle. In all my programs I really tried to vary almost every training (the main things were the same, but just a little twist, like a grip or angle change). So that's why I wanted to do a total different thing then something I've done before.

But if the schema posted above (http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article_issue/issue_629) is good, and you guys say that, I'm gonna give that one a try!

I've read it now, but I also find it difficult to fully understand. I think it is because of my English.

Is there anyone who has tried this yet, and can post his or her filling in of this scheme, so I can see what it consists of and how it's build up? Would appreciate that.



Listen to the people on this thread, and try to stick with that JP Catanzaro program. Variation is not the key to muscle... it can certainly help at times, but the real key is consistency and progression (in both weight and reps), which doesn't mean changing programs all the time! And don't try DoggCrapp again until you can bench 315, and deadlift 405 for many reps. That's an advanced program.

Re-read the article again and try to understand it, it really isn't that confusing. Just follow his 'Sample Russian Attack' if you have to.


Okay men, I will.

I have read it a couple of times now, and still not fully understand it. I know it's about periodization. You have three methods, maximum size, maximum size and strength and maximum strength, right? So that's 5 times for every one, except for maximum strength, so 14 methods in total.

Then he says you can do it like this:

Program #1 â?? Maximum Size Method #1
Program #2 â?? Size & Strength Method #1
Program #3 â?? Maximum Strength Method #1
Program #4 â?? Maximum Size Method #2
Program #5 â?? Size & Strength Method #2
Program #6 â?? Maximum Strength Method #2
Program #7 â?? Maximum Size Method #3
Program #8 â?? Size & Strength Method #3
Program #9 â?? Maximum Strength Method #3
Program #10 â?? Maximum Size Method #4
Program #11 â?? Size & Strength Method #4
Program #12 â?? Maximum Strength Method #4
Program #13 â?? Maximum Size Method #5
Program #14 â?? Size & Strength Method #5

Does this mean that you have 14 different work outs? Cause he's talking about waves and I always thought that one wave, was like a couple of weeks, eg. 2 weeks. I might look really dumb, but I just don't get that, while I really want to understand. Because about the time he says this:

''The duration of each program is determined by frequency and rate of adaptation.''

I do understand the rate of adaptation, but the frequency if important for me to decide since he also says this: To determine the ideal frequency, pick which scenario describes you best:.

I have a life what I live where I can only train 3 days in the week, which are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I can't train other days, and can maximum go 3 days each week. So from the three options he gives, I can only do the 3 in 7 approach, while the writer says you should only do that when you are in your mid forties or beyond.. I don't know how narrow you must take this, but I'm 20, and I do want to train as best as possible. So is this program then still suitable for me if I can only follow the 3 in 7 approach?

Then about the adapation he says ''To determine the duration of a program, one must make progress each workout: either a 1-2% increase in load or a 1-2 rep increase with the same load as the previous workout. '' So should I start with program 1 (Program #1 â?? Maximum Size Method #1), then do the trainings splits as below:

Day 1 â?? Upper Body (Vertical Push & Pull, Elbow Flexion & Extension)

Day 2 â?? Lower Body (Quad & Hip Dominant, Trunk/Hip Flexion & Extension)

Day 3 â?? Upper Body (Horizontal Push & Pull, Elbow Flexion & Extension)

and then train like a beast untill I don't reach a 1-2% increase in weight or a 1-2 rep increase in reps, change program, so go on to program 2 (Program #2 â?? Size & Strength Method #1) ?

So this would mean, adapting a program and when you can't raise the weight/reps anymore, start with the next program? This would mean that doing this, you could be busy for a long long time with this, isn't this bad for your cns, since that has to rest to?

And as suggested trying to Russian sample wave stated there, is possible. But this is only for 3 weeks, and 1 week per program, so going on after that would mean putting in program 4,5,6 or just doing the same and raising the weights/reps? (so not doing this in 1 training)?

Sorry guys, if I totally get this wrong, I'm really trying to understand this, maybe to hard. I feel pretty dumb right now hehe, but ok. Hopefully someone can answer my questions so I can start training like a beast tomorrow with a good scheme.

Grts from Amsterdam


I will be so glad when the rest of you finally fucking figure out that guys like this do NOT need to be pointed into the direction of more confusion brought on by "name brand programs".

On the 3 day a week issue, anyone who really wants this bad enough is going to find a way to get to the gym more than just 3 days a week.

There is no way in hell I ever made shit this complicated...and still don't....yet clearly making it so muddled is working for the rest of you...............................................


I'm only trying to make something work, based on a tip I got in this topic. But okay, thanks for the reply man...


Forget everything you ever learned.


this might just confuse you more but read this



Holy shit dude you Dutch are usually good at speaking English. Not your case heh buddy? You seem to be having problems understanding some easy shit here...not trying to bash you here...like suggested, a basic 3 or 4 way routine would probably be the best for you. Check out Bricknyce's Bible or something.

You mentioned you did DC. You aren't even close to the level of being ready for that. But you CAN use that spit if you'd like. Just ramp to a top set and stay away from rest-pause sets.

But if you want to follow a solid idiot proof program try the Boring But Big template of 531. Ain't easy to fuck it up although noobs seem to be getting more and more inventive each day.

Iron Addict's "Simple Power Based Routine" is also a good one for beginners and really easy to follow.


Lol, I have had English at my secondary school for three years, but that's about it. Still try to learn a few things now and then, but no, it's not my native language ofcourse.

About the DC, I did that with a friend of mine. He's 250lbs and benches 350lbs, a pretty big guy I can say. He just asked me if I wanted to join, and I did. Probably not too smart to let a beginner doing DC, but I've had pretty sick results from that program.

But I've been The Russian Approach to Size and Strength by John Paul Catanzaro right now, since somebody suggested that, so I want to try to make that work. It would be nice if someone could answer my quenstions, so I can actually try it.

I want to try his Russian sample wave, which will last about 3 weeks. I'm busy with putting in the exercises I want, which I can choose out of his list of exercises. But what should I do after those three weeks? Better said, how must I continu then?