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Chad Waterbury and Protein Intake

Great article, CW, on the Top 10 Keys to Hypertrophy - basic, but too many trainees are getting away from those principles, because there is so much information floating around out there.

My comment/question in on protein intake. The way I read it, C-dub recommended that his trainees consume about 0.5 grams per pound of protein and 1.0 gram per pound of carb, as a general guideline for hypertrophy nutrition. I guess what get’s me is that I have seen numerous times on this site, by credible authors and regular T-members, that it’s recommended a trainee consume AT LEAST 1.0 gram of protein for every pound of LBM! And, I’ve seen some recommendations up to 2XLBM when on an androgen!

I know those were just general suggestions, but why the discrepencies??!! (.5XLBM seems too low!)


Those are strictly for post-workout recommendations.

[quote]Nate Dogg wrote:
Those are strictly for post-workout recommendations.[/quote]

Exactly. He’s only talking about one particular meal!

Yes, the above replies are absolutely correct! I like trainees to consume at least 2.0g/lb LBM throughout the day. These two meals make up a big portion of this demand, so the rest is relatively easy.

Thanks for the feedback.

However, Chad actually spoke of making a cottage cheese and fruit breakfast shake. Therefore, from the way it read for me, he was speaking about PWO AND suggesting a breakfast the follwing day. That would be two meals… but, I got the jist of the recommendations.